June 3, 2016

Johannesburg Drug and Alcohol Recovery Treatment

Johannesburg does not have the world’s best reputation as a safe metropolis but in all fairness there are numerous cities that not always that safe.

Johannesburg Drug and Alcohol Addiction

City life can be hard, repetitive and can be unfulfilling. I am sure many residents would challenge this statement but then again they might not be addicts.

City life in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and all large cities is very demanding and can ‘pushes’ the most well-meaning of people down avenues that, at the time seem acceptable and even ‘essential’.

The avenue I am referring to is the avenue that promises so much but delivers nothing, the avenue of recreational drug and alcohol use. You feel the need to take the ‘edge’ off a difficult week and before you know it your taking ‘the edge’ off every weekend. Sometimes, quite quickly the avenue broadens into what is known as the ‘Monday Club’. Its taking longer than usual to recover from the weekend festivities so need another day to ‘get your head together’.

Some addicts remain resolute that weekend drinking and drug use is acceptable and is not a required prescription for city ‘existence’. The problem is that the addict, whilst denying addiction has very little insight into how their behavior is changing during the week! Perhaps snappy and short-tempered, intolerant, impatient, mood swings, anger, frustration, bullying in the work place-SOUND FAMILIAR?

For some addicts, drinking or drugging becomes a challenge in finding ‘something’ that will continue to take the edge off as the original antidote no longer works! Night time pints of beer, extra joints or lines of cocaine start to increase and become part of a ritual during the week, the weekends start to get closer and closer together.

From what was once a place or position of responsibility know stands a man or a woman who is no longer clear about what responsibility actually is. Is ‘sick’ more often, perhaps getting warnings at work, less interested in their career, less friends and could even be driven to isolation out fear and shame.

This can all happen very quickly and a desperate scramble to regain one’s dignity can also deepen the addiction into avenue turn-offs that are frightening, debilitating and life threatening.

Twin Rivers Rehab Drug and Alcohol Treatment

What Does Twin Rivers Rehab Have to Offer Clients from Johannesburg?

Twin Rivers Rehab can help you build or restore your dignity and show you how to live life on life’s terms!
What does this mean; Staff at Twin Rivers Rehab can help you in opening your eyes to what you are actually doing to yourself and others around you.

* Perhaps you have unresolved trauma that over the years you have dressed up as something else!
* Boundaries will undoubtedly need addressing as they will barely exist
* Family/ relationship dynamics need exploring and understanding
* Feelings; what they are and how to manage them
* Anger/resentments usually play a large part in an addict’s world
* Addressing underlying senses of inadequacy and low-self-worth
* Introduce you to the 12 step programme of recovery that helps addicts all over the world

Twin Rivers Rehab