June 3, 2016

Cape Town Addiction Recovery Treatment Centre

Even though London is landlocked it does have some glaring similarities to Cape Town! Like London, Cape Town is full of impatient drivers who, like many addicts go down the same road at the same time expecting a different result!

Anyway, Cape Town also attracts many people from all over the world who believe that Cape Town’s streets are paved with Gold and merely pitching up there means instant success! Much the same has happened in Dubai over the years which today has quite a number of ex-patriots who are now victims of alcoholism and drug addiction despite the rigid local laws.

Cape Town Drug and Alcohol Addiction

London, Birmingham, DubaiJohannesburgDurban and Cape Town do not suffer fools gladly! Lack of personal insight and due diligence creates a level of arrogance that addiction loves to feed off. Despite living in London for many years I personally never ‘connected’ to the true essence of London and what it had to offer and ended up working in construction by day and sitting in a bar by night; slowly but surely losing my mind. This blog is not based purely on my own bitter experiences but also the experiences of many of my clients over the past 20 years who suffer with various addiction and mental health disorders. It is all too common, the unsuccessful geographical underpinned by unrealistic expectations and all too often an already fragile ego!

Cape Town, like the other cities I have mentioned can be the loneliest place in the world, highlighted by a lot of unemployment, low salaries and homelessness (over 10.000 people are homeless in Cape Town, mostly males between 25-45 years of age). I was in Port Elizabeth recently and quite shocked at the amount of people begging on the street and at traffic lights. Part of the problematic drug and alcohol culture in Cape Town is underpinned by historical aspects such as the ‘dop system’ which has created a generation of disadvantaged youths, abused women and mental health issues.

In Cape Town, mid, late stage and chronic addiction plagues the poor as well as the wealthy and both sides resent one another enormously! Addiction feeds off the cloud of apartheid that still hangs over the city. It may not be raining so hard or so often but the cloud remains! I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears how a cocaine addict judges a tik (methamphetamine) addict and this scenario is not necessarily in any ‘colour’ order. High society Cape Town hides behind a veil of fine wines and lavish parties often heavily laced with cocaine GHB and amphetamines. Back in the day, the corporate world thrived on endless dinner parties that gradually became less about business and more about ‘showing off’. Dinner parties are not so common these days with the corporate world not really needing to engage in parties as the drinking and drug taking is now constantly taking place ‘AT WORK’!

I have had the privilege of meeting and counselling clients on all social scales who have jumped onto the Merry-go-Round of addiction attracted by the rides gentle pace and colourful lights only to be thrown off by the increased speed and addictions endless demands.

Twin Rivers Rehab’s staff understands this cycle only too well and we would like to extend a helping hand to those who suffer from the disease of addiction. Pride and Ego are very powerful elements of the addict persona which can generate internal messages such as “what will my boss/girlfriend/boyfriend/ family- think of me if I ask for help”
Believe me-THEY ALREADY KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Living in a world full of busy people is like living in a world ALONE.”
― Heraline