June 3, 2016

Addiction Treatment Centre In South Africa

South Africa Addiction Treatment Centre

Addiction Treatment Centre

Twin Rivers Rehab in Plettenberg Bay Western, Cape South Africa offers an exclusive drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre to those suffering with addiction or mental health disorder.

Addiction Treatment Programs

* Primary Phase focuses largely on client assessments, finding out the clients immediate and short-term needs medically and psychologically.
* Extended Primary Phase is an option for some clients who are not psychologically ready for the responsibilities that come with leaving rehab.
* Aftercare program is designed as a follow-up programme to residential treatment, offering counselling support in the clients home area.

Substance addiction not only destroys the person, but everyone around them as well. Its a disease that regularly tells you that it doesn’t exist!

Cape Town Addiction Treatment

Cape Town attracts many people from all over the world who believe that Cape Town’s streets are paved with Gold and merely pitching up there means instant success! Much the same has happened in Dubai over the years which today has quite a number of ex-patriots who are now victims of alcoholism and drug addiction despite the rigid local laws.
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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Durban

Twin Rivers Rehab offers exclusive drug and alcohol addiction recovery treatment for Durban with superior levels of anonymity and confidentiality to anyone suffering with an addiction and/or mental health disorder. Our addiction recovery treatment Centre is set in the tranquil and beautiful surroundings of Plettenberg Bay which is situated 1137 Km from Durban.
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Johannesburg Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Twin Rivers Rehab can help you build or restore your dignity and show you how to live life on life’s terms!
What does this mean; Staff at Twin Rivers Rehab can help you in opening your eyes to what you are actually doing to yourself and others around you.
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