July 12, 2019

SP Bespoke and Twin Rivers Initiative

SP Bespoke and Twin Rivers Rehab

SP Bespoke was created by two friends in recovery who recognised the massive gap in the market for effective client support.

Paul Kalaher and Shig Hayre have extensive knowledge and experience within their respective professions. Shig was an International entrepreneur having developed and managed various businesses and Paul remains of the roll of solicitors supported by an impressive track record.

Paul and Shig complement each other in that they both have the same goal, assisting fellow alcoholics and addicts in gaining and maintaining a quality of life. The unique aspect that these gentlemen offer is ‘legal support/advise!

Many recovering people are faced with various legal issues but often do not address them in the hope they will disappear or miraculously sort themselves out! The reality is that early recovery is challenging enough as it is and so if you have legal issues to address whether its unpaid parking tickets or legal assistance with gaining access to your children.

These issues cannot be delayed and Paul and Shig can assist you with your recovery and legal challenges at the same time.

SP Bespoke has joined forces with Twin Rivers Rehab and have developed ‘recovery packages’ that are affordable and offer high level of continuum of care right from initial assessment through to aftercare.

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