Twin Rivers-Making The Seemingly Impossible-Possible since 2011

Twin Rivers-Making The Seemingly Impossible-Possible since 2011

Twin Rivers-Making The Seemingly Impossible-Possible since 2011

Being trapped in the grips of active addiction can be likened to being a prisoner in solitary confinement, with a life sentence hanging over your head. Alone, with no hope of ever being released back into the freedom of living. It is without a doubt a dire situation to find oneself in. And the truth is, for many, the most difficult step is to reach out and ask for help.

Many addicts have tried to break out of the bonds of addiction without professional help. Some have succeeded, maybe for a few days, but for most, because of a long pattern of addictive behaviors, have relapsed soon after.

The honest truth is that it is an extremely painful and difficult process to become free from addiction, and that is why so many addicts fail to recover without an intensive rehabilitation programme.

Addiction takes place over a period of time, it is a process where the user is lured into using more and more of a substance, initially out of choice, but over time addiction no longer becomes a choice, but a physical, emotional and psychological need. This is the point where using drugs or alcohol becomes a necessity, in order to simply get by and survive. Very quickly however, drugs destroy peoples lives beyond repair as anxiety and desperation sets in.

Addiction is a Family Illness

The stories of the lives people have lived, and the decisions they have made from this place of desperation are many, and deeply saddening. Families have been destroyed, addicts have lost their jobs, their livelihood, some have ended up in complete desolation on the streets or have turned to ‘selling themselves’ for their next fix of drugs. We have all seen the deeply desperate woman on the corner in a dangerous part of town, willing to do anything to simply ensure her next fix. With the realization that it does not end there, the next fix is never enough and so the cycle of desperation and insanity continues.

When we are offered our first joint (cannabis cigarette), or any other kinds of drug there is no way of knowing where we will end up. Addiction can be like getting onto a speed train, never knowing when the train will stop, never knowing where, or whether you’ll be able to get off!

Why Twin Rivers Rehab?

The importance of reaching out to the right helping hand cannot be overstated enough. Falling into the wrong hands in a state as desperate as many addicts find themselves is not only futile but can be deadly. Twin Rivers fully appreciates that finding the right rehab can be extremely difficult especially with rising  and yet a few simple questions can make the process much easier!

  • Is the rehab registered, if so where is the registration certificate?
  • Are the staff qualified and registered with a reputable governing body?
  • Is a qualified psychologist or social worker a member of the team?
  • How often will the client receive individual counselling?
  • Can I speak to an ex-client about your facility?