May 8, 2020

Twin Rivers Dragonfly Mission Statement


The Dragonfly Foundation has been designed to raise funds for addicts and their families suffering from addiction and mental health disorders who require residential psychological treatment at Twin Rivers Rehab but genuinely cannot afford standard treatment rates and feel hopeless.


The Dragonfly Foundation is a Twin Rivers Rehab initiative and motivated by the Coronavirus outbreak and the reality that this pandemic will negatively impact addiction and mental health disorders in South Africa and around the world. Whilst the need for professional assistance will increase the ability to pay residential treatment fees will decrease!


The foundation’s key aim is to provide a broader reaching health service for people suffering from addiction and mental health problems who will benefit from our holistic wellness programme. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there will be a larger than usual group of people requiring professional help who require urgent financial assistance so they can address addiction and trauma-related issues in a professional and supportive environment.