Twin Rivers & COVID-19-A Year Later

Twin Rivers Rehab COVID-19 Compliant 2021-2

What A Difference a Year Makes!

Twin Rivers has learnt so much over the past 11 months and have started to embrace the pandemic in a more accepting and understanding way. Like so many we thought that this potential threat would come and go quickly and allow us to get on with normal day to day living and working again!

Now almost a year later, wearing a mask, sanitizing and social distancing has become the norm at Twin Rivers as well as the daily record keeping of of staff, clients and visitors temperatures. Twin Rivers has allocated an en-suite bedroom as our isolation room which works well for admissions who, for whatever reason could not get a COVID-19 test prior to coming to Twin Rivers or the results have not yet come through. A record is at hand for anyone who requests seeing all the clients COVID-19 test results.

Programme Changes

The programme that we run at Twin Rivers has changed due to the pandemic. Client outings are not as often but we have added more gym time to the programme as the local gyms response to the COVID-19 regulations has been very good making it a safe and clean environment for all. Morning walks take place five days a week to the beach and we have incorporated more visits to the Robberg Peninsula as this too is a safe place and not high risk for our clients.

Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous remain closed and even if they do open up again then Twin Rivers will have to seriously assess whether or not regular attendance is viable and safe for clients, can we be sure that social distancing will be adhered to?

The New Norm!

Twin Rivers has been marketing and networking daily since the first lockdown creating new contacts-strategic partnerships and collaborations. It would seem that the pandemic has ‘pushed’ many into realising that business related survival may well hinge on the need to develop National and International partnerships and perhaps embrace the digital age.

As the desperate need for professional treatment
The ability for clients to be able to afford residential treatment
‘Millions of people travel to South Africa
for medical and psychological treatment every year

not just because of the beautiful scenery and great weather
because the savings are just impossible to ignore

Haircuts-Pizza & Residential Rehab

People will ALWAYS need haircuts-pizza and residential treatment, that will never change. Undoubtedly, on line use has grown in many areas including those in need of psychological assistance. I am sure this has helped quite a number of people suffering with anxiety and depression for example but can addiction and mental health combined (Dual Diagnosis) be addressed online?

Residential treatments is an environmental, psychological and socially interactive experience that cannot be matched in entirety online. More clients will surely be assessed online and engage in aftercare online which is great as this gives potential clients another option during both the initial and latter stages of the recovery process.