Treatment Is Essential For Addiction & Mental Health

Ttreatment Is Essential For Addiction & Mental Health

Twin Rivers Rehab-Dual Diagnosis Specialists

Whether an addict or not, everyone is ‘recovering from ‘something’ in their lives! Twin Rivers has carefully developed a team of therapists and counsellors who are not just qualified or in training but have a genuine appreciation and understanding of what it takes to assist our clients. All clinical staff undergo regular supervision which basically means that a therapist receives therapy in order to ensure professional and ethical conduct in the work place. Unfortunately the globe is heavily littered with ‘wannabe’ therapists who have the capacity to further damage clients having not resolved a number of their own personal issues effectively!

If you are not sure if you need help or perhaps have a negative view about residential addiction rehabilitation then please call and let one of us explain who we are, what we do and perhaps dispel some of the myths that are sometimes attached to centres that help addicts and those suffering with mental health disorders such as depression:

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Intervention Is Imperative For Improved Well-being

Mental health should be everyone’s priority. In times of COVID-19 pandemic, people are especially susceptible to the negative effects of self-isolation and social distancing. Many of us have experienced emotional breakdowns, and feelings of anxiety and depression. The Coronavirus lockdown has even contributed to increased consumption of alcohol and excessive use of drugs.

It is especially important to realise that all these mental disorders require treatment and most of the time it may be hard to deal with them on your own. Unfortunately, many of us grew up being taught that internal, emotional, and personal problems should not be openly discussed.

Therefore, most people do not take any action to heal their mental issues as they are afraid of being judged for going to the therapy or asking someone else for help. Not everyone feels comfortable sharing their feelings with others. Instead, people try to stifle their emotions deep inside them, hoping that it will solve all their issues.

Therapists Are Human Too!

Anyone can feel down and have bad days sometimes. We all happen to experience pessimistic emotions such as sadness, sudden mood swings, and go through difficult moments in our lives. As a human, you cannot just simply turn off your emotions to be resistant to your issues. Neither can therapists.

They are human, too. The main difference is therapists have learnt to manage their personal issues so as they do not get in the way of the clients’ personal issues. In order to develop that skill, they had to go through a lot of counselling themselves for personal development. It has helped them better understand people’s emotions and made them more experienced so they can better assist others in need.

How Therapists Can Help You Deal With Your Mental Issues?

Understanding and healing your traumas and addictions is the first step to a better life. In the beginning, you may find it a bit awkward to talk with a stranger who you have never seen in your life before and tell them all the issues that you are struggling with. Although it is easier than you may be thinking. Therapists always try to make their clients feel as comfortable as possible and work at a suitable pace so as not to overwhelm the client. They get to the roots of the reasons that cause mental disorders, reveal negative thoughts, and find effective solutions to treat them.

Therapy gets you to better understand yourself and get to the core of your mental issues. It might provide you with a fresh perspective on your problem, as the person assisting you would not know your life story. It is always personalised to your needs. Therapists help you navigate effectively when you get lost and steer the right way for you. They tenderly encourage you to share your story, highlight essential changes and assist you with self-empowerment strategies and techniques.

What Are The Benefits Of Therapy?

If you have been struggling with your own issues and have not succeeded in resolving them by yourself, it’s a good idea to resort to specialists. Professional therapists have years of experience in cases like yours and know how to effectively deal with them.

After a successful treatment, you will have more understanding of your negative emotional behaviours and you will be able to easily recognise what triggers them. The therapy helps you uncover your true potential and gives you a chance to solve your emotional problems with a therapist’s watchful eye, which assists you throughout and after residential treatment.

Another benefit of the therapy is that it helps you navigate your emotions, improve existing behaviours, and adopt new habits. You will get to know yourself more and your life will become more meaningful as you will get rid of the negative thoughts and impulses. Your mental issues will no longer hold you back and you will finally be able to focus on pursuing your passions and making better relationships with yourself and other people.


Whether it is anxiety, depression, alcohol, dual diagnosis, a personality disorder, or drug addiction, none of these issues should be neglected. Not treated they can potentially have an extremely negative impact on your health and emotional well-being. Remember, it is not okay to avoid and pretend that you do not need anyone’s help during an emotional crisis. There is absolutely no shame in asking for help. Therapy is a challenging yet worthy process that leads to a happier and more contented life!