The Beers Are On Me!

“Let’s go after work and grab a beer”, “Have a drink after work?”, “Beers on me” seems to all be normal. So, what is beer and why do people drink it? Beer is alcoholic drink typically made from Yeast hops and barley. The alcohol volume is anything from 2 to 12 percent. Yes, that doesn’t sound a lot but legally what is the limit? In South Africa, the legal limit is measured by taking a breathalyzer 0.24mg per 1,000ml, or a blood alcohol limit of 0.05g per 100ml. So how many beers is that? Some people say 2 same say 3.

Are Beers Addictive?

Beer is addictive and can become a drug, People think that a drink socially can’t start a drinking binge and think that they don’t have a problem. But just like any substance, you do lose control. My dad was an alcoholic and it became more and more apparent that he drank to forget and run away from his problems. He started at one beer a weekend that leads to every night and then it started as a lunch time beer. It’s not fun to watch someone think they don’t have a problem and watch their personality erode.

Work deteriorates and they don’t want to do anything without a drink. I didn’t know how addictive beer was until I actually saw it destroy a person’s life!  My dad was a great person but the beers attacked him and he slowly deteriorated and things fell apart. His health took a huge toll and he suffered from all kinds of medical problems. He developed gout and his liver and kidneys really took the brunt of the excessive drinking. Drinking beers can trigger other cravings and it can start any type of binge. Some people will get addicted and others won’t which still baffles me?

My story is not a great one as he passed away but I see the signs and seeing how beers and alcohol can affect you and your family is not a great thing to go through. Getting them, help is hard as most beer drinkers do not believe that they have a problem. But it’s just as dangerous as any other substance and can make a person lose everything, including their life!

If you recognize the content of this blog and need assistance then please contact Twin Rivers Rehab who have been assisting alcoholics and their families for years.