The Advantage of Being Treated by a Recovering Addict

The Advantage of Being Treated by a Recovering Addict

Being Treated by a ‘Recovering’ Addict

Twin Rivers Rehab Center was established in 2011 and manager/owned by David Briskham. With over 24 years of continuous recovery from alcohol, drugs, gambling and co-dependency, David is living proof of the triumphs of sustainable recovery that Twin Rivers Rehab strives to offer to all who enters their doors. Being understood by another addict is of incredible value, because the path that you have walked, he has also walked. David fought his addiction that led him to long-lasting freedom, and he has assisted many addicts who have come to Twin Rivers Rehab. His dedication to those within his care is remarkable and his commitment to each of his clients is hard to compare to other institutions.

David struggled through 20 years of harrowing addiction and he has remained on the path of recovery for 24 years. This is a miracle and he has made it his life’s passion to achieve the same miracle for the clients within his care. David sums up his years in active addiction as, “The search for love in all the wrong places, with all the wrong people.” David has a deep understanding of the darkest corners addicts find themselves in and says, “ There are a number of incidents that took place in my past that I am not proud, I am accountable for these attitudes and behaviours that no longer feed self-hatred but rather encourage me to stay clean and take responsibility”.

I Didn’t Want to Change!

By the time David finally reached a treatment centre there were concerns over his mental health, he was jaundiced, underweight and directionless. David actually had ‘NO’ intention of getting into recovery, he went to rehab to hide! It was an incredible journey, and after four years of recovery, David decided to train as a counsellor to help others who suffer from addiction and mental health disorders.

David employs staff that work alongside him who are trained addiction counsellors, full time registered nurse, as well as a professional social worker trained in addiction, mental health and crucially, dual-diagnosis disorders. Twin Rivers employs the services of a night nurse to administer medication at night and weekends.

Everything Twin Rivers puts in place is there to provide the recovering addict or alcoholic with significant support. Twin Rivers creates time and a safe place to reflect on the lives they lived in active addiction, and gain insight into life of abstinence.

Allow yourself to sometimes look at the past, but do not stare at it otherwise it will continue to consume you. Those who do not learn to understand and accept aspects of their past are sure to repeat it.

Twin Rivers Rehab

The approach at Twin Rivers is to walk through your entire history as an addict, whilst being surrounded by those who truly understand in a non-judgemental fashion. It is vital to understand aspects of the past so as you can select realistic and appropriate goals for the future.

Twin Rivers treats each client as an individual and caters to each person’s needs in order to provide them with the best help they can possibly receive. There is no set time to how long a client spends at Twin Rivers; this is a process that is reviewed based on the progress the client makes. Twin Rivers offers primary, extended primary, secondary and aftercare treatment phases.