Twin Rivers Registered Nurse

Twin Rivers Registered Nurse

Twin Rivers Registered Nurse This is an integral and extremely important role which is highly specialised. It can be challenging trying to find the right nurse to work in an addictions treatment centre. Typically, a nurse is trained to work in a medical environment and the daily schedule of work is centered around working as[…]

Finding and choosing the right rehabilitation centre

Why Choosing the Right Rehabilitation Centre is Imperative to an Addicts Successful Recovery

Finding and Choosing the Right Rehabilitation Centre For those who carry with them a history of substance abuse and related behavioural traits, finding and choosing the right rehabilitation centre can be quite a challenging process. Finding the right treatment options offered, that are best suited to each individual’s needs, and matched with the sufficiently qualified[…]

Substance and Process Addiction

What is Addiction?

I have focused on specific addictions with recent blogs but this time I would like to take a look at the meaning of addiction in the broader sense. The term “addiction” can mean many things to many people. Simply put, an addiction is defined as a substance or activity which a person has become dependent[…]

Computer Gaming Addiction

Computer Gaming Addiction

It may come as a surprise that Computer Gaming Addiction is not even considered an addiction. Whilst computer game addiction has not yet been granted official diagnostic status, many mental health professionals and parents alike are now recognising computer game addiction as a real disorder. Those who are seeing the alarming effects of the excessive[…]

Addiction and Denial

Addiction and Denial – The Dreaded ‘D’ word

Denial will keep you sick… In the early stages of my recovery journey from addiction, I often find myself reflecting on how I could have been so blind to the glaringly obvious problem that I had. Even in the wake of numerous alcohol and drug fueled incidents that had led to the most dire of[…]