Twin Rivers Registered Nurse

Twin Rivers Registered Nurse

Twin Rivers Registered Nurse This is an integral and extremely important role which is highly specialised. It can be challenging trying to find the right nurse to work in an addictions treatment centre. Typically, a nurse is trained to work in a medical environment and the daily schedule of work is centered around working as[…]

Dysfunctional Toxic Families

Dysfunctional Toxic Families

So how many of us can put our hands up when asked if we grew up in a toxic family? As a survivor of a toxic family situation, I can now joke about putting the fun back into dysfunctional but believe me, the journey from broken to whole took many long torturous years. Crawling naked[…]

Andrew Sullivan's Higher Power Experience

Higher Power Experience so far

Higher Power Experience I can’t believe in a Higher Power? Can I? – An Ex- Clients View One of my clearest recollections of the first few days in Twin Rivers occurred whilst having breakfast on my very first morning. I was sat with my peer group, taking in my surroundings, when my eye was drawn[…]

Whale watching

Compelling Reasons when choosing an addiction rehab in South Africa

Choosing an addiction rehab in South Africa might sound like an adventurous thing to do if you are coming from a different part of the world. Why would you want to come here if you can find the treatment you need at home? Good question. There are some compelling reasons for why you might want[…]

Addiction and a romantic relationship

The Addiction Break-Up From a Romantic Relationship!

Addiction and a Romantic Relationship The correlation between addiction and a romantic relationship is very realistic. Addiction becomes an addict’s closest most intimate relationship. Addiction becomes the focus above all, the go to and the comfort zone. That’s when I pondered on the thought that going into a treatment centre like Twin Rivers is for[…]

Adult Children of Alcoholics – ACOA

In my work at Twin Rivers Addiction Recovery Center, as the clinical psychologist, I often see clients who are the adult children of alcoholics. The trauma of their childhood history is frequently a precursor for their own battle with addiction to alcohol and drugs. What makes this so devastating, is that these people know first-hand[…]

People Pleasing

People Pleasing – A Second Hand Life

People Pleasing – It sounds like such a nice, affirming, positive description of an individual who puts the needs of others before themselves. I felt quite warm and fuzzy when my counsellor told me that I was a habitual people pleaser , but that soon changed when they went on to say that it was[…]