The Beers Are On Me!

The Beers Are On Me!

“Let’s go after work and grab a beer”, “Have a drink after work?”, “Beers on me” seems to all be normal. So, what is beer and why do people drink it? Beer is alcoholic drink typically made from Yeast hops and barley. The alcohol volume is anything from 2 to 12 percent. Yes, that doesn’t[…]

I Could Stop If I Wanted Too!

Can You Stop Taking Drugs? A basic definition of the word Drugs is a substance or a medicine that has a psychological effect on your body. There are so many out there so where do you start? I chose a few that I thought would be interesting to learn about and find out what it’s[…]

Is My Loved One Really an ADDICT!

Is My Loved One Really an ADDICT! Too many people, you hear the word drugs and you automatically build this picture in your head of a man or women completely intoxicated trying to get a fix, life stops but they think it gets better, but does it? As a Parent that’s your biggest worry, your[…]

Dysfunctional Toxic Families

Dysfunctional Toxic Families

So how many of us can put our hands up when asked if we grew up in a toxic family? As a survivor of a toxic family situation, I can now joke about putting the fun back into dysfunctional but believe me, the journey from broken to whole took many long torturous years. Crawling naked[…]

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Genetics

Is Drug and Alcohol Addiction Influenced by Genetics?

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Genetics Are certain people predisposed to addiction? As many people already know by now, addiction can take many forms – drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography – even chocolate is considered a legitimate addiction. When it comes to the more common addictions such as alcohol or drugs, the decision to use these substances[…]

Addiction and Denial

Addiction and Denial – The Dreaded ‘D’ word

Denial will keep you sick… In the early stages of my recovery journey from addiction, I often find myself reflecting on how I could have been so blind to the glaringly obvious problem that I had. Even in the wake of numerous alcohol and drug fueled incidents that had led to the most dire of[…]