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The Addiction Break-Up!

Addiction Relationship The correlation between addiction and a romantic relationship is very realistic. Addiction becomes an addict’s closest most intimate relationship/friend. Addiction becomes the focus above all, the go-to place and the biggest comfort zone. Going into a treatment centre like Twin Rivers is for many clients like a break-up or a divorce even; they[…]

Depression Rehabilitation

Depression Rehabilitation

  Twin Rivers helps depression sufferers Twin Rivers Rehab is regularly dealing with clients suffering with depression or addiction and depression. Twin Rivers appreciates how debilitating depression can be whether the diagnosis is ‘Persistent Depressive Disorder’ or a more sever depression such as Bi-polar. With thorough medical and psychological input, clients can improve the quality[…]

Abusive Relationships

Abusive Relationships

Abusive Relationships You don’t plan to enter into abusive relationships. In fact, many women or men who’ve escaped abusive relationships swear to themselves that they will never get into another one, only to find themselves becoming victims of abuse once again. Sadly, it takes an average of five to seven acts of violence before a[…]

Whale watching

Compelling Reasons when choosing an addiction rehab in South Africa

Choosing an addiction rehab in South Africa might sound like an adventurous thing to do if you are coming from a different part of the world. Why would you want to come here if you can find the treatment you need at home? Good question. There are some compelling reasons for why you might want[…]

The Invisible Line Between Addiction and Enabling

The Invisible Line

As an Addiction Counsellor, I am often faced with the challenge of helping families find the invisible line between being supportive to addiction and enabling. The difference can be vast not only in how they affect the addicts’ chances of recovery, but also the family’s own well-being and sanity. What is enabling? Why is it[…]

People Pleasing

People Pleasing – A Second Hand Life

People Pleasing – It sounds like such a nice, affirming, positive description of an individual who puts the needs of others before themselves. I felt quite warm and fuzzy when my counsellor told me that I was a habitual people pleaser , but that soon changed when they went on to say that it was[…]

Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis: Combined Addiction & Mental Health Disorder

Combined Addiction & Mental Health Disorder It’s fair to say that all human beings have their bad days as well as their good ones. We all experience life in all its glory, and with that brings stress and pressures that make things difficult at times. But those bad times do pass and the good times,[…]