Twin Rivers Dragonfly 2020

Choosing an Addiction Rehab – Guidelines Post Lockdown

Twin Rivers Rehab – Authentic Psychological Care David Briskham +27(0)828 633 159-Clinical Director Richard Saunders +27(0)722 789 193-Head of Treatment Finding and choosing the right rehabilitation centre can be quite a challenging process for those who carry with them a history of substance abuse. Twin Rivers successes are attributed to ‘keeping it simple’ and not[…]

Exotic Location - Plett Game Reserve

Twin Rivers Exotic Location-Great Choice for Addiction Rehab

Twin Rivers Exotic Location-Great Choice for Addiction Rehab The ability to travel almost anywhere in the world to find appropriate addiction treatment is a fantastic development because it makes it more likely that people will find the help they need. This is now an option open to most of us due to low-cost airfares, easy[…]

People Pleasing

People Pleasing – A Second Hand Life

People Pleasing – It sounds like such a nice, affirming, positive description of an individual who puts the needs of others before themselves. I felt quite warm and fuzzy when my counsellor told me that I was a habitual people pleaser , but that soon changed when they went on to say that it was[…]