Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription Drug Addiction Find Freedom from Prescription Drug Addiction at Rehab in South Africa The abuse of prescription drugs has reached epidemic proportions in many countries including the UK and US (source: The Guardian – Rising Abuse of Prescription Drugs Heralds Epidemic, Claims Survey).  This has triggered intense interest in our prescription drug addiction treatment[…]

Addiction Kills

Addiction Kills!

People go out and socialize and drinking makes you feel good ‘yes’ we can understand that; why wouldn’t you want something that can help take the stress and anxiety away from your day-to-day problems. As long as you know, there is always a risk to every action. I guess it’s a personal preference to what you intake[…]

Prescription Medication

Prescription Medication Addiction – The Silent Killer!

Some people don’t realize how addictive any type of pill or Prescription Medication can be.  You have a head ache and you take something for that. The headaches seem to be more often and you find yourself taking something stronger! That could be the start, some people might become addicted the numbers are there. Pain[…]