Twin Rivers Rehab COVID-19 Compliant 2021-2

Twin Rivers & COVID-19-A Year Later

What A Difference a Year Makes! Twin Rivers has learnt so much over the past 11 months and have started to embrace the pandemic in a more accepting and understanding way. Like so many we thought that this potential threat would come and go quickly and allow us to get on with normal day to[…]

Ttreatment Is Essential For Addiction & Mental Health

Treatment Is Essential For Addiction & Mental Health

Twin Rivers Rehab-Dual Diagnosis Specialists Whether an addict or not, everyone is ‘recovering from ‘something’ in their lives! Twin Rivers has carefully developed a team of therapists and counsellors who are not just qualified or in training but have a genuine appreciation and understanding of what it takes to assist our clients. All clinical staff[…]


Treatment for Addiction and Anxiety

Treatment for Addiction and Anxiety What is Addiction and Anxiety Twin Rivers Rehab works closely with a high number of clients who suffer with an addiction and a mental health disorder such as anxiety. We fully appreciate that one way well exacerbate the other creating a vicious cycle as depicted above. Substance abuse promotes anxiety[…]

Rehab is for Winners

Rehab is for Winners

Rehab is for Winners The most common reason for why people fail to achieve long-term sobriety following treatment for addiction is they have the wrong attitude. It isn’t that these individuals are weaker, or somehow less capable, than those who succeed – it is more about their less effective approach to recovery. In order for[…]