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Choosing an Addiction Rehab – Guidelines Post Lockdown

Twin Rivers Rehab – Authentic Psychological Care David Briskham +27(0)828 633 159-Clinical Director Richard Saunders +27(0)722 789 193-Head of Treatment Finding and choosing the right rehabilitation centre can be quite a challenging process for those who carry with them a history of substance abuse. Twin Rivers successes are attributed to ‘keeping it simple’ and not[…]

Addiction & Mental Health

Addiction & Mental Health History

Addiction Disorders & Mental Health History The study of addiction has not been studied nearly as long as aspects of mental health proven by the fact that asylums have been around for many years (Bethlem 1247) and treatment centres for addiction appeared many years later focussing, at first purely on alcohol. Alcoholics, for example,[…]

Twin Rivers Rehab-The Best Option for Heroin Addiction Treatment

Twin Rivers Rehab-Best Option Heroin Addiction Treatment

  Twin Rivers Rehab-Best Option Heroin Addiction Treatment In an ideal world, once you had made the decision to break free of your heroin addiction, all the resources you needed to make this a reality would just fall into place. Unfortunately, this is not how it is for many of us. This is why clients[…]

Shopping Addiction Highs and Depressive Lows

The Manic Highs and Depressive Lows of Shopping Addiction

To many, an addiction to shopping sprouts images of some glitzy and glamorous trip to the mall, kitted with your most fashionable shoes, and all the bags that you can carry. Looking fab and feeling glam. Well sadly this is not the reality of a shopping addiction. A shopping addiction may sound all hairy-fairy and[…]

Ritalin and cocaine use

The Big Ritalin controversy and its link to cocaine use

Doctors have been using Ritalin (also called methylphenidate) since the mid-1950’s to treat a variety of conditions which include depression, fatigue syndrome, and narcolepsy. Ritalin gained FDA approval for treatment of hyperactivity in children in 1961. Ritalin and cocaine use Ritalin is the most commonly prescribed medication for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). This treatment has helped thousands of people[…]

Substance and Process Addiction

What is Addiction?

I have focused on specific addictions with recent blogs but this time I would like to take a look at the meaning of addiction in the broader sense. The term “addiction” can mean many things to many people. Simply put, an addiction is defined as a substance or activity which a person has become dependent[…]

Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis: Combined Addiction & Mental Health Disorder

Combined Addiction & Mental Health Disorder It’s fair to say that all human beings have their bad days as well as their good ones. We all experience life in all its glory, and with that brings stress and pressures that make things difficult at times. But those bad times do pass and the good times,[…]