Family Illness-Twin Rivers

Addiction-A Family Illness

Why is addiction referred to as a family illness? Once there is any kind of an addiction in a family, slowly but surely everyone’s role begins to change! It is IMPOSSIBLE for a family to function on a ‘normal’ level when addiction rears its ugly head. Addicts are naturally manipulative, secretive, unpredictable and passive-aggressive often[…]

Prescription Medication

Prescription Medication Addiction – The Silent Killer!

            Twin Rivers Rehab & Prescription Medication Prescription drug addiction is probably the biggest addiction globally, pharmaceutical companies can barely keep up with the demand! Twin Rivers Rehab disapproves of the amount of medication that is prescribed by doctors and psychiatrists who unwittingly start patients on the road to addiction.[…]

Manipulation The Powerful Addict Trait

Manipulation-Powerful Addict Trait

What is Manipulation? Manipulation involves clever, devious and unscrupulous techniques that create a distortion of the truth! Addicts are highly manipulative, black belt second dan! An addict in full addiction flight can quickly and easily convince themselves and others that the moon is square and that all oceans are red. Underpinning all addiction are varying[…]

I Could Stop If I Wanted Too!

Can You Stop Taking Drugs? A basic definition of the word Drugs is a substance or a medicine that has a psychological effect on your body. There are so many out there so where do you start? I chose a few that I thought would be interesting to learn about and find out what it’s[…]

Is My Loved One Really an ADDICT!

Is My Loved One Really an ADDICT! Too many people, you hear the word drugs and you automatically build this picture in your head of a man or women completely intoxicated trying to get a fix, life stops but they think it gets better, but does it? As a Parent that’s your biggest worry, your[…]

What is an Enabler?

It is in our nature to protect our loved ones but are we harming or helping them? Enabling is a term used to describe the complex relationship with an addict, and it is the enabler who suffers the consequences of the addict’s behaviour. Another term used in the context of a relationship with an addict[…]