Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment PTSD treatment at Twin Rivers focuses on recognising and learning to manage the emotional and physical symptoms created by past trauma and help the client to empower themselves and not become a victim. There is a wide range of treatment available, which includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, taking medication, psychotherapy, mindfulness and[…]

Dual Diagnosis-Covid-19 Twin Rivers

Coronavirus Covid-19 and Dual Diagnosis

Outbreak Epidemic & Dual Diagnosis TWIN RIVERS LOCKDOWN & ADMISSIONS HELPLINES:  David +27(0)828 633 159  Richard +27(0)722 789 193  Tom +44(0)747 103 6484  Liam +44(0)747 108 1994  Vincent +44(0)758 656 1958 All are available on Whatsapp✅ COVID-19 AND DUAL DIAGNOSIS We fully appreciate that most of our clients suffer from a Dual Diagnosis in[…]

Corona Virus-Twin Rivers Rehab 2020-2

Impact of Coronavirus COVID-19

Impact of Coronavirus Outbreak-South Africa Impact of COVID-19 My name is Piwe Kobo, I am a Social Worker at Twin Rivers Rehab. My experience at Twin Rivers has been an amazing journey in rendering support to our clients who come from all different parts of the world and with a  vast spectrum of social and[…]

Exotic Location - Plett Game Reserve

Twin Rivers Exotic Location-Great Choice for Addiction Rehab

Twin Rivers Exotic Location-Great Choice for Addiction Rehab The ability to travel almost anywhere in the world to find appropriate addiction treatment is a fantastic development because it makes it more likely that people will find the help they need. This is now an option open to most of us due to low-cost airfares, easy[…]