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Choosing an Addiction Rehab – Guidelines Post Lockdown

Twin Rivers Rehab – Authentic Psychological Care David Briskham +27(0)828 633 159-Clinical Director Richard Saunders +27(0)722 789 193-Head of Treatment Finding and choosing the right rehabilitation centre can be quite a challenging process for those who carry with them a history of substance abuse. Twin Rivers successes are attributed to ‘keeping it simple’ and not[…]

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The Addiction Break-Up!

Addiction Relationship The correlation between addiction and a romantic relationship is very realistic. Addiction becomes an addict’s closest most intimate relationship/friend. Addiction becomes the focus above all, the go-to place and the biggest comfort zone. Going into a treatment centre like Twin Rivers is for many clients like a break-up or a divorce even; they[…]

Christmas-The Most Emotive Time of The Year!

Christmas-The Most Emotive Time of The Year!

Christmas-The Most Emotive Time of The Year! Christmas time is a realistic testing ground for anyone’s recovery regardless of length of time in recovery. Christmas ignites many feelings that can overwhelm a person who is recovering from an addiction disorder, and many of these feelings still automatically invite old ideals and behaviours. For a start,[…]

Addiction Mysteries

Addiction Mysteries!

Addiction Mysteries Addiction Related Warning Signs WARNING: Consumption of drugs and alcohol may make you think you are whispering when you are not! WARNING: Consumption of drugs and alcohol is a major factor in dancing like an asshole! WARNING: Consumption of drugs and alcohol may cause you to tell the same boring story over and[…]

Effective Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programme

Effective Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programme

Effective Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programme Many of us who end up struggling due to alcohol or drug addiction problems will also have other issues that need to be dealt with. This can include conditions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or personality disorders. It could be that it was these mental health issues that made[…]

The Beers Are On Me!

The Beers Are On Me!

“Let’s go after work and grab a beer”, “Have a drink after work?”, “Beers on me” seems to all be normal. So, what is beer and why do people drink it? Beer is alcoholic drink typically made from Yeast hops and barley. The alcohol volume is anything from 2 to 12 percent. Yes, that doesn’t[…]

Computer Gaming Addiction

Computer Gaming Addiction

It may come as a surprise that Computer Gaming Addiction is not even considered an addiction. Whilst computer game addiction has not yet been granted official diagnostic status, many mental health professionals and parents alike are now recognising computer game addiction as a real disorder. Those who are seeing the alarming effects of the excessive[…]

What is an Enabler?

It is in our nature to protect our loved ones but are we harming or helping them? Enabling is a term used to describe the complex relationship with an addict, and it is the enabler who suffers the consequences of the addict’s behaviour. Another term used in the context of a relationship with an addict[…]

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Genetics

Is Drug and Alcohol Addiction Influenced by Genetics?

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Genetics Are certain people predisposed to addiction? As many people already know by now, addiction can take many forms – drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography – even chocolate is considered a legitimate addiction. When it comes to the more common addictions such as alcohol or drugs, the decision to use these substances[…]

Andrew Sullivan's Higher Power Experience

Higher Power Experience so far

Higher Power Experience I can’t believe in a Higher Power? Can I? – An Ex- Clients View One of my clearest recollections of the first few days in Twin Rivers occurred whilst having breakfast on my very first morning. I was sat with my peer group, taking in my surroundings, when my eye was drawn[…]