Surrender To Win

Surrender To Win

Surrender To Win

Addiction is the enemy that pervades every part of your being ensuring that you are constantly at war with yourself and the world around you. With all the best intentions in the world an addict will promise themselves that they can and will stop but don’t; will try and moderate intake yet end up on another binge; will convince themselves that they cannot afford to indulge but find the money anyway – the battlefield is littered with examples just like these.

And with each battle, a somber defeat filled with more remorse and more regret.

An addict in active addiction has no idea just how powerful their disease is. It is so powerful that it hijacks your brain and creates the false realities that drives your thinking, your feelings and your behaviours. It convinces you that you are in control, that everything will be ok and that you are not sick at all. It will use your own denial against you.

It means that most of us live in the lie for far longer than we need to, preferring to keep fighting for our sanity against a disease that loves, and is very good at, fighting. As long as the addiction keeps winning, which it always does, it will keep attacking, taking another piece of our soul with each of its wins.

So how can we win the war that’s taking place within us.


Now if you are anything like I was, the notion of ‘surrendering’ was never an option. It was drilled into me that I should never give up; that I must stubbornly stay the course despite imminent defeat. I was told that if I go down, I go down with my dignity intact. This misguided, programmed mindset nearly took me to my grave with my dignity in tatters. Another lie!

Finding the courage to hoist up the white flag and admit defeat to our addiction is not easy. It requires giving up on the deeply entrenched illusion that you are in control. It requires us see past what we think we know and ask for help. When you do get this point and start accepting the support on offer, you will soon start to see just how much control you had. Not much, if any at all.

The reality is, when you admit that you can’t manage your own life as a result of your addiction, you finally find the strength to recover from it.

‘Surrender to Win’ is just one of the many paradoxes that you will encounter on your journey in recovery. However, when you start to explore the meaning behind the saying, you will soon see the wisdom it provides. When you surrender, you stop fighting yourself. You admit defeat. You accept the fact that your addiction is killing you and ruining your life. Although you wish you could overcome it with your own willpower, you can’t.

Surrender brings its own special victory and will enable you to see and receive the new recovery information that is required to ensure a daily reprieve from addictions armed forces.

I surrendered to my disease a while ago now but have to keep consciously surrendering to it at the beginning of every sober day on my recovery journey – it’s the only way I can win.

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