Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual Maturity 

Twin Rivers Clinical Team appreciates that many addicts are highly frustrated at not being able to address their own lives in a positive and meaningful way. Their brains have become hot-wired to the world of fantasy and ‘quick fixes’ that regularly convinces them that what they are doing is alright and that they are in complete control and could ‘stop’ their addiction at any time they choose!

Its understandably challenging allowing yourself to accept that you have got it all so horribly wrong for so many years but that is where spiritual growth begins offering an introductory level in humility.



Time To Grow-up

A large portion of recovery from addiction and mental health problems is about spiritual growth: in other words-growing up and being more responsible! These words alone could be very off-putting for some addicts as they have no interest in becoming more responsible and believe themselves to be ‘OK’ within their denial-based delusions!

Being an addict is extremely hard work unless your being fed drugs and alcohol by some enabling wally. For those who are being enabled by family, friends, and partners then commitment to recovery is unlikely to ever happen. It can be quite surprising how many addicts are ‘enabled’ to death by those who think they are ‘HELPING’ the addict when in actual fact they are racked by fear in letting go or they need a ‘sick’ person to take care of! Either way, this is dangerously codependent and so, no one gets well. When it comes to addiction, the less people available for the addict to manipulate the better their chances of recovery.

Cultures of Addiction & Recovery

Removing yourself from the culture of addiction and stepping into the culture of recovery is incredibly challenging and yet there is no shortage of ‘lost causes’ out there who are now spiritually grounded and embracing responsibility.

Growing-up is always challenging yet can be made easier if we have the capacity to admit that we are ‘NOT’ in control and desperately need assistance from those who were once slaves to addiction and now standing tall and FREE!

Below is a checklist which when honestly addressed can help you to see where you fall short and what areas of your life need essential improvement. Remember, it is not about perfection but more about spiritual progression:

  1. Accepting criticism gratefully, being honestly glad for an opportunity to improve.
  2. Not indulging in self-pity and being able to feel the laws of compensation operating in life.
  3. Not expecting special consideration from anyone.
  4. Controlling one’s temper.
  5. Meeting emergencies with poise.
  6. Feelings are not easily hurt.
  7. Accepting responsibility for own acts without trying to create an “alibi”.
  8. Outgrowing the ‘all or nothing’ stage by recognising that no person or situation is wholly good or wholly bad.
  9. Not being impatient at reasonable delays by accepting that one is not the arbiter of the universe and that there is a need to adjust oneself to other people and their convenience.
  10. Being a good loser and enduring defeat and disappointment without whining or complaining.
  11. Not worrying unduly about things beyond one’s control.
  12. Not boasting or showing-off in socially unacceptable ways, grandiosity.
  13. Being honestly glad at the success and good fortune of others, outgrowing envy and jealousy.
  14. Being open-minded enough to listen thoughtfully to the opinions of others.
  15. Not being a chronic fault-finder and complainer.
  16. Planning things in advance rather than trusting to the impulsivity of the moment.
  17. Having faith in a Power greater than oneself.

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