December 1, 2015

Specialist Intervention Treatment

Specialist Intervention is a very important lifesaving service that can be used to help get a friend or family member into treatment in a safe and professional manner.

An intervention involves getting family and friends to show a united front of care and concern for the addict. Interventions need to be handled carefully and skilfully and by a professional who is trained in family therapy.

Specialist Intervention

When a professional gets involved it highlights for the family, and hopefully the addict too, that addiction is affecting the whole family financially, spiritually, physically, socially and psychologically. This service usually involves an addictions counsellor coming to your home or place of work once an assessment has been done to discuss the ‘problem’ and create a plan of action. If the counsellor has any concerns about the client’s state of mind then a psychiatrist or a General Practitioner (GP) may also have to be involved. If required the counsellor will escort the client, or arrange an escort to an addictions treatment centre. It is not an easy process for the family, spouse or friends but often essential if the client is going to get the professional help that they need.