November 15, 2018

Sexual Addiction Treatment

Twin Rivers Knows How to Help You

Sexual addiction is, by far, one of the most misunderstood and underestimated forms of addiction. It can be difficult for family and loved ones to come to terms with the irrationality of the addict’s urges and behaviour. Twin Rivers acknowledges that for a sexual addict to ask for professional assistance does not come easily, largely due to the fear of being judged, ridiculed or labelled inappropriately! Twin Rivers is sensitive to these facts and will support the sexual addict and their family through the life changing process of our recovery programme.

What is Sexual Addiction?

Sexual addiction is a condition characterised by the extreme frequency of sexual urges, behaviours or thoughts. While a certain level of sexual desire and interest is normal and, indeed, healthy, when one’s sexual urges begin to have negative effects on one’s life and the lives of the people around him or her, sex can become a destructive and pathological force.

Sexual addiction is often associated with addictive or obsessive personalities and may be the behavioural manifestation of low self-esteem, other psychological disorders or behavioural conditioning. Regardless of the roots and causes however, one thing that remains constant in all cases is the need for professional help, from experts who understand the problem intuitively and can provide a personalised, tried and tested approach to the treatment of this potentially devastating disorder.

Twin Rivers Sexual Addiction Programme

Sexual Addiction is sometimes misdiagnosed as the sexual behaviour, in some cases is due to a client consuming stimulants such as cocaine which heightens sexual urges and lowers inhibitions! In this instance the client can be treated for cocaine addiction and this will positively impact the clients sexual desires and hopefully reduce the clients need to ‘act-out’ sexually. The clients shame around past sexual behaviours will also need to be addressed through psychotherapy.

Some clients who do suffer with sexual addiction also abuse drugs and alcohol on a regular basis and through psychotherapy it can be determined whether the sexual addiction is the primary or secondary addiction. Either way, the sexual addiction will need addressing in order for the client to learn how to ‘manage’ their addictions based on the realisation of the damaging nature of their actions.

What is not so common is a sexual addict who is purely consumed with the need to act-out sexually on a regular basis, no mood altering substance is involved. The more chronic cases are stereotypically loners who are not particularly sociable and may well be cross-addicted to pornography as well. The sufferer may indulge in voyeurism-‘flashing’ themselves in public places-chronic masturbation and the use of prostitutes. Similar to other addictions, the sufferer needs to find enough money to feed their urges which can lead to crime and debt as some sexual addicts cannot hold down a job due to feeling socially awkward.