January 1, 2020

Sexual Addiction Treatment

Sexual Addiction Treatment

Twin Rivers Programme for Sex Addiction

Sexual Addiction (Sex Addiction) is widely misunderstood and often misdiagnosed! The staff at Twin Rivers appreciates that a genuine ‘pure’ sex addiction is far from glamorous and is as destructive as any other addiction. At times, cocaine addicts believe themselves to be ‘sex addicts’ but actually they are cocaine addicts who are heavily stimulated and their desire to act out sexually rises to uncontrollable levels. The problem then is that the cocaine addict can suffer from ‘performance anxiety’ and believe that they cannot perform sexually without the drug and so this becomes a realistic relapse dynamic which will need to be addressed by the therapist. There exist those who simply sleep around because they have difficulty in remaining monogamous which is still not necessarily sex addiction. It is through Twin Rivers programme we can determine if you are actually a sex addict or not?

What is Sexual Addiction?

Sexual Addiction is characterized by the regular urge/need to act out sexually at any cost. Having sex with sex workers (prostitutes) is extremely common creating debt and the need to steal or borrow money. The compulsion can be as strong as the ‘need’ for any street drug. Sex addicts can find it difficult to hold down a job due to preoccupation with sex, taking time off or even stealing from work! Sex Addiction is not just about sleeping with sex workers, it also involves voyeurism, masturbation, online sexually activity, inappropriate public displays and prostitution.

There is a 12 step fellowship for people who may be suffering from sexual addiction which is called Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous-SLAA

Sexual Addiction Usually Takes a Predictable Course

  1. Preoccupation – regular fantasies about sexual antics and the next opportunity to ‘act-out’
  2. Ritualization – the favoured sexual activity is often repetitive
  3. Compulsion – despite continued negative consequences the drive to continue remains
  4. Despair – guilt, shame and possibly self-hate because of their inability to take control of their behaviour

Causes of Sex Addiction

Many sex addicts report some form of abuse or neglect as children and frequently see themselves as diminished or damaged in the process. Their parents may have been sex and/or love addicts themselves, which suggests that both genetic and environmental factors may play a role. Stress and emotional pain also fuel compulsive sexual behavior by feeding the addict’s need for withdrawal and fantasy.

Other factors that may contribute to sex addiction include:

  • Inconsistent parental nurturing and support. A parent could be more interested in some kind of addiction rather than their own child
  • Lack of parental role modelling-i.e. acting out sexually following an argument!
  • Early exposure to sexual material, magazines and sex toys
  • Sexual abuse