December 1, 2015

Secondary Phase

The purpose of the secondary phase is to create opportunities to put primary based concepts into practice and monitor behaviour and the client’s approach to this new phase. Life skills are introduced such as money management, social interaction and deeper levels of responsibility. All clients continue with Step work which is individualized.

Clients get limited access to their cell-phones and have access to internet cafes. It is at the counselling team’s discretion as to whether or not a client can continue to have a personal music player as they can be an unnecessary distraction for some clients.

Secondary Phase Expectations

All secondary phase clients must complete their weekly program by arranging some of the structure themselves and recording the events on their individual planner. All excursions off the property need to be clearly stated and counsellor approved.

All secondary phase clients are expected to;

  • Attend the Twin Rivers Recovery Centre daily program as instructed by the focal counsellor
  • Full attendance Mondays and Fridays remains compulsory each week unless authorization has been given to attend something outside of the centre
  • Attend a minimum of 4 fellowship meetings a week at AA, NA, CODA or OA
  • Voluntary work is compulsory and all clients get advice/support in finding appropriate voluntary work at Game reserves, Local primary schools, Children’s shelters, Community police support work, Disabled children, Senior citizens homes, Animal shelters etc
  • Arrange regular meetings with your sponsor
  • At least one individual counselling session a week

The length of stay in the secondary phase is dependent on the client’s psychological and spiritual growth culminating in the counselling team assessing that the client’s overall recovery fits the requirements needed to undertake, understand and adhere to the rules and regulations of any tertiary phase that the client may be admitted to either in South Africa or in the UK.

Secondary Phase and Extended Programmes

Extended programs are available for those clients needing longer term care.

Some clients may experience the primary stage only, even over a 12 week period. Twin Rivers does not promote ‘quick fix’ programs and we are totally respectful and mindful of the fact that despite all clients having similar life -threatening issues they are also individuals who need individual personal care and attention.