Refusing Addiction Treatment Could Be Fatal

Refusing Addiction Treatment Could Be Fatal

Refusing Addiction Treatment Could Be Fatal

Even after you have accepted that substance abuse is having a negative impact on your life, you may still feel resistant to the idea of alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres. Maybe you feel your problem isn’t serious enough to warrant this type of help or that you are strong enough to sort out your own problems. Here are 5 things to consider before refusing rehab:

1. Addiction Can Kill You

One of the common symptoms of addiction is denial through minimizing, justifying, bargaining and of course, blatant lying. Even after you have admitted that you have a problem, this denial can continue to keep you trapped. You naturally downplay the seriousness or you condition and pretend that it is not affecting anyone including yourself! This can be experienced in as terminal uniqueness where you become convinced that you are somehow immune from the dangers of continued abuse. If you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, it may kill unless you are able to stop. This is a serious illness and going to rehab may be what is needed to save your life.

2. Making a Major Life Change is Challenging

Even those people who have never been physically addicted to a drug can struggle when it comes to making major changes in their life. The saying a ‘leopard never changes its spots’ is false, but it is understandable why some people might think this way because of how challenging it can be to turn your life around. Addiction treatment facilities like Twin Rivers give you the help, support and resources you need to change and you may struggle to change without it.

3. Getting Sober is Only the First Step

Maybe you will be able to quit using alcohol or drugs without too much help, but this is only the start of the journey. Stopping is fairly easy, staying stopped is another story! Unless you have the right tools for dealing with sober living you are going to be at high risk of relapse. The real goal of rehab is not just to get you physically sober but the help you psychologically to build a foundation for a more rewarding life.

4. This Could Be Your Last Chance for Recovery

The willingness to change is a precious commodity, and this could be your last chance of recovery because you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. An addiction recovery centre is where you can make the most of this opportunity, so doesn’t it make sense to choose this option if you are serious about turning your life around?

5. Getting the Help You Need is Not a Sign of Weakness

A sign of weakness would be staying the way you are now. The key to finding success in life is making use of the right resources. Twin Rivers Rehab is a resource that you could use right now, and by choosing this option, you will be empowering yourself.
There are always going to be lots of reasons not to choose rehab, but these excuses just add fuel to your denial.

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