December 1, 2015

Rehab Advice from David Briskham

Rehab Advice from David Briskham

Rehab Advice from David Briskham

Not all rehabs promote ethical/legal practices

David Briskham at Twin Rivers is always available for referral advice on treatment options in South Africa.

Choosing a rehab for your loved one is a ‘mine field’. In my experience, enquirers are far too timid and do not ask enough questions often finding themselves looking for somewhere else as their initial choice was not up to standard!

Here are a few simple pointers to consider when enquiring about a rehab;

1-Is the rehab licensed? Ask for proof!

2-Does the rehab realistically understand the nature of Dual Diagnosis. Many rehabs profess to be equipped in dealing with addiction and mental health disorders when in actual fact they are not and focus on addiction only!

3-Does the rehab have a full-time registered nurse? Unfortunately, some rehabs utilize unqualified staff to deal with medication! Also check the number of staff to client ratio and ask about staff members qualifications/experience.

4-Do they employ the services of a psychologist? This is essential in dealing with modern day addiction and mental health.

5-Has their menu been sanctioned by a dietitian?

6-Watch out for hidden costs! Some rehabs spring surprise invoices on you for ridiculous things like stationary!

7-Is exercise a part of the programme? this is most important especially for people who suffer with depression-for example

8-Does the rehab assist in starting to repair family dynamics? are their family conferences?

9-Will i be kept informed of my ‘loved ones’ progress.

By not asking these important questions you are possibly assuming that the rehab is the ‘expert’ in this matter and does not need questioning!

South Africa, like many other countries has a large number of rogue ‘pop-up’ rehabs who can potentially do more harm than good.

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