February 9, 2020

Rehab Advice from David Briskham

Beware of Dodgy Rehabs

BEWARE of Dodgy Rehabs!

There has been much in the press over the past few years about rehab antics and how some of them pay ridiculously large commissions to referral agents in order to get bums in beds! The war on getting clients into treatment has always been poorly governed giving license to quite a number of cowboys who take advantage of vulnerable addicts and their families.

Globally, there are thousands of rehabs that are NOT licensed with their local authorities, offering ‘quick fix’ programmes for vast sums of money. It is well documented that any client should attend rehab for at least 3 months closely followed by an aftercare programme in the clients home area. It still amazes me how addicts and their families do not ask enough questions and put their faith in unscrupulous referral agents who are charming and plausible! In many cases, their only real interest is selling the client to the highest bidder.

Avoid Disappointment!

Just because you have been spoken nicely too by someone over the phone and the rehab has a website does NOT mean that this rehab is kosher!

  • Is the rehab licensed with the proper authorities?
  • Does the rehab employ qualified/experienced staff?
  • Check that the rehab has a full staffing complement and that clients are NOT used as staff members!
  • What is the rehab’s recovery ethos, i.e. is it Christian based or non-denominational?
  • Does the rehab focus purely on addiction or do they assist clients with mental health issues such as depression as well?
  • What are the sleeping arrangements, room sharing and bathrooms?
  • Check that clients are NEVER allowed off-site on their own!
  • How does the rehab deal with anti-social behaviour?

A well-groomed staff member could answer all of these questions and get you to believe that their rehab is flawless! At Twin Rivers, we invite potential clients to look at our Google Reviews as these are all independent and really are ex-clients from Twin Rivers. One question that I often get asked is “what is your success rate, or recovery rate“? Well, it’s impossible to put an honest number but it’s realistic in saying that a great number of clients over the years are now experiencing responsible lives. I now have ex-clients who are psychotherapists and psychologists, successful business people and plenty of humble folks living one day at a time and enjoying life.