December 1, 2015

Primary phase

The aim of primary care is to help each person establish a firm foundation in recovery and to provide them with the tools to live a more manageable and productive life.

In the primary phase clients are not permitted to have laptops, cell-phones or personal music players (I-Pods). Access to e-mail is available to all clients. There is normally a ‘settling in’ period of 5 days during which their is no phone use except for speaking with a family member on arrival at Twin Rivers Rehab.

Primary Phrase Focus

The primary phase focuses largely on detoxification, medical and psychologist’s assessment. The first few days give the new client an opportunity to experience the following:

  • Building up a therapeutic alliance with a focal counsellor, medical staff and care-workers
  • Introduction to ‘community living’ with ‘buddy’ support, sharing a bedroom, eating together, time management and daily therapeutic duties
  • Introduction to the daily program of exercise, group therapy, lectures, videos, audios and written assignment work
  • Introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Eating Disorders Anonymous
  • Introduction to ‘Step One’ based on the client’s recognised primary addiction; food, drugs, alcohol, codependency or gambling
  • The processing of family questionnaires in individual counselling sessions and in group therapy (with the client’s permission only)
  • Individual counselling sessions, a minimum of twice a week