Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription Drug Addiction

Find Freedom from Prescription Drug Addiction at Rehab in South Africa

The abuse of prescription drugs has reached epidemic proportions in many countries including the UK and US (source: The Guardian – Rising Abuse of Prescription Drugs Heralds Epidemic, Claims Survey).  This has triggered intense interest in our prescription drug addiction treatment programme here at Twin Rivers as it offers a way out of the suffering caused by this type of addiction.

Nobody ever chooses to become addicted to a substance, and this is particular the case when it comes to prescription drugs. What usually happens is that the person is give this medication for a legitimate reason (e.g. opiates are prescribed for intense pain), but then this individual begins to like the pleasant side-effects of the drug.

The fact that a doctor once prescribed the medication you are now abusing may have made it difficult for you to accept the possibility of drug addiction. The reality is that once you begin using these substances for reasons other than for why they were initially prescribed – you have crossed the line into recreational use. This slide into recreational drug abuse is usually so subtle that you don’t even notice it at first. It can be something as simple as just taking your pain medication as a way to relax after a stressful day but before you know it you are hooked!

Do You Need Prescription Drug Rehab?

The fact that you are reading this suggests you either suspect that something is wrong with your drug use or you are worrying about a loved one who appears to be showing signs of addiction. There is usually a great deal of denial surrounding prescription drug abuse. We humans have an astounding ability to ignore the signs that we are in trouble, and this is only made worse by the process of both physical and psychological addiction.

Some of the signs of prescription drug addiction include:

•Doctor shopping – going to see a different doctor in the hope of getting more of a drug

• Exaggerating symptoms

• Using any type of dishonesty or manipulation to get a new prescription

• Taking a drug for any other reason than for how it was originally prescribed

• Feeling and getting defensive when other people question your drug use

• Purchasing prescription drugs on the black market(street dealer)

• Using more of the drug than has been prescribed

• Personality changes/ mood swings

• Loss of interest in things you previously enjoyed

• Failure to meet social, family, or work responsibilities due to the effects of the drug

• Spending time thinking of ways to get your hands on more of the drug-preoccupation

If you are experiencing any of the above, it is a likely sign that something is amiss with your use of prescription drugs.

Help for Prescription Drug Addiction

Here at Twin Rivers we can provide you with the support and resources you need to break free of prescription drug addiction. Our team has extensive experience with dealing with this type of problem, and you will be treated like an individual – one of the benefits of coming to us from abroad is it also means you can receive treatment anonymously.