Post Lockdown-Twin Rivers Programme

Post Lockdown - Twin Rivers Programme

A Great Opportunity For Reflection & Change

Twin Rivers weekly schedule will be changing yet remain centered around individual and group therapy, an essential ingredient for any successful programme. There will be a minimum of two individual sessions a week, Group therapy will be every day during the week and covers the following topics:

  • Open Group-No specific topic-general sharing and support
  • Challenging/confrontation group-assisting clients to learn appropriate ways to express their own feelings and challenge fellow peers
  • Trauma recovery groups that will now include the ‘real’ impact the coronavirus had on clients and their family dynamic!
  • Life Story Group-A client shares their life story which offers insight into their life experiences and any patterns of self-destruction that emerge
  • Powerless and Consequences Group-Clients share stories about their attitudes and behaviours during active addiction and are supported in discovering the consequences of their behaviour
  • Questionnaire Groups-Clients can arrange for questionnaires to be sent to family and friends which, only with the client’s permission can be processed in group therapy
  • Topic Groups-Focus on one specific topic such as ‘spirituality’ or ‘gratitude’ for example
  • Peer group roles-focusses on the roles, usually unknown by the client that they ‘play’ in the group setting and the defensive/protective nature of each role

What is Group Therapy?

Group Therapy is an extremely importance process that is normally facilitated by two therapists with the main aims being to assist clients in recognising their defence mechanisms, attitudes and behaviours that are destructive and help each individual client to gradually recognise and get in touch with their own unexplored feelings. Group therapy facilitation is a broad skill set that is underpinned by the understanding that all clients are unique individuals and what they need psychologically going forward does vary widely. In other words, a ‘one size fits all’ generic approach will not reach the whole group and would promote stagnation and discord.

Twin Rivers programme is underpinned by the 12-step programme of recovery and we do respect that some client struggle with the philosophy that surrounds the 12 step and so we assist skeptics’ through differing strategies and techniques that best fit their belief system and individual needs.

Lectures & Workshops

Lectures and workshops play an important role in the programme and offer clients an opportunity to learn more about addiction and their behaviour coming from a different angle. During lectures, client participation is encouraged yet minimal so more relaxing for some clients who can sit and listen to what the facilitator is talking about. Most lectures include a flyer so as the clients can keep a record in their files of the lecture material.

Workshops are mostly interactive which helps the client group to bond in a healthy way. Drama workshops are particularly popular, cleverly facilitated so as those suffering with lower levels of confidence can join in and grow!

Gym & Exercise

Plett Gym & Pool

The clients at Twin Rivers go to the local gym at least four times a week. Exercise is extremely important for all clients and they can engage at a level that best suits them until they feel fitter and stronger. Every Saturday morning the gym class is facilitated and either a step class or circuit training takes place which is popular and fun. The gym does have a half sized Olympic swimming pool which some clients like to use as well as a sauna.

Three times a week there is a walk to the beach first thing in the morning to get some fresh air and prepare for the working day. There is often a walk to the beach on a Sunday as well, especially in the summer.

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