Andrew Sullivan A Year without Substance

Andrew Sullivan, a recovering addict and ex-client of Twin Rivers Rehab

Andrew Sullivan Introduction

Andrew came to Twin Rivers Rehab in a poor physical and psychological condition. What was apparent from the start of Andrew’s residential treatment was his determination and ‘drive’ to improve his lifestyle.

Treatment is very challenging in that clients are ‘invited’ to share about aspects of themselves that , quite understandably they would normally avoid!

Andrew was very candid about his addiction and addiction related behaviours which undoubtedly contributed towards Andrew’s present successes in his life. Becoming ‘clean & sober’ is in itself a challenge that requires daily vigilance and so to be able to write a book during the early stages of recovery is very inspiring.

Andrew recently shared story with the Southern Cape News – An interview with a recovering addict >>

Interview with recovering addict

Andrew Sullivan, originally from the UK is a recovering addict and an ex-client of Twin Rivers Rehab in Plettenberg Bay. In this 3 part interview on SABC3’s Expresso Show he talks about his experience in Twin Rivers Rehab, his new life in recovery and about the book he has written. ‘A Year without Substance – breaking through the wall of addiction’

Andrew Sullivan Recovery Articles

Andrew has been kind enough to share his experiences in our blog, which can be read below.

* The Dreaded ‘D’ word
* Higher Power Experience and the AA 12 Steps Program