June 13, 2019

Pornography Addiction

Pornography Addiction

Pornography Addiction is commonly known as a behavioural and a process addiction

Process addictions mean being addicted to rewarding behaviour that does not involve an addictive substance, such as drugs or alcohol. Sometimes referred to as behavioural addictions, or compulsive behaviours, process addictions involve a compulsion to perform a certain action such as seeking pornography despite the increase in repeated negative consequences.

Process addictions vs. Substance addictions:

How is the brain affected?

Addiction is a chronic relapsing condition that presents itself in much the same way whether you are addicted to a substance such as alcohol or a behavioural process such as pornography. Addictive behaviours such as gambling, sex, and internet use all stimulate the brain’s reward system similar to addictive substances, by releasing neurotransmitters such as dopamine.

This stimulation leads people to become preoccupied and seek out such pleasurable experiences more and more often with no thought of possible consequences. After repeated exposure, some people will continue to seek out the experiences compulsively despite their ability to derive pleasure from the action decreases.


Christoffer Nettelbadt is a highly competent recovery coach whose training and personal experience make him a realistic authority when it comes to pornography addiction and the healing process.

Undisputed Recovery’s goal is to assist clients in reclaiming their freedom via coaching and mentorship. Coaching is mostly carried out via video calls, which can conveniently be carried out in the comfort of your own home each week and build an individualised plan of action regarding your recovery needs.

Pornography addiction nearly destroyed my own relationship with Maria and by helping others to gain insight into their addiction I also gain strength from client’s honesty and motivation for essential change.

Christoffer is the founder of Undisputed PRN Recovery which is registered with Bolagsverket – 559104-8730 and is located in Stockholm-Sweden

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