August 12, 2019

International Patient Admission Process

Twin Rivers has created various ‘recovery packages’ that offer ‘seamless’ experiences including at home or online assessments-residential treatment for 6-8 or 12 weeks directly followed by aftercare with one of our UK contacts. Continuum of care is extremely important as there is no such thing as a ‘quick-fix’ programme which unfortunately contributes to high levels of relapse! It is not realistic to be therapeutically grounded after just 21 or 28 days which is one of the reasons that Twin Rivers has developed partnerships with reputable agencies in Sweden, Dubai and London who all appreciate client care.


International Patient Admission Process



1 – Recognition of need for professional assistance
Whether you’re concerned about someone or they have asked for help-give Twin Rivers a call TODAY!

2 – Contact a Twin Rivers Consultant
Engage in a confidential, discreet conversation with a Twin Rivers Consultant to assess the clients needs.

David Briskham +27 (0) 828 633 159-Whatsapp Friendly

Adrian Rooke +44 (0) 795 031 6218

3 – Assistance with travel information, Chaperone available
We can assist with travel advise and arrange a chaperone to support the client between home and Twin Rivers Rehab
A chaperone is a trained individual who assists the client with the stressors that can arise whilst travelling to rehab.

4 – Arrange patient detoxification
Whether carried out in the UK or through Twin Rivers, this medically supervised process will be explained to you.

5 – Admission to Twin Rivers Rehab
What started as a phone call now becomes reality as the client is admitted into Twin Rivers Rehab.

6 – Aftercare Programme with a Twin Rivers Consultant
Residential treatment is an extremely important process that MUST be followed up by an aftercare programme which enables the patient to experience long-term sustainable recovery.