Oxycodone Addiction and Rehabilitation

Pain Medication Recovery-Twin Rivers

Pain Medication Recovery-Twin Rivers

Oxycodone (aka Oxycontin) is an effective yet addictive analgesic that is used in the treatment of severe or chronic pain. It is a type of medicine known as an opioid, and this means it is in the same class of drug as heroin and methadone. Oxycodone can be of huge value when it comes to pain management for conditions such as cancer, but this substance is also highly addictive. Tramadol/Tramacet is a common equivalent painkiller that is abused globally.

Why Do People Abuse Oxycodone?

Many of us who end up addicted to oxycodone will have a legitimate reason for initially using the drug. This drug may have been prescribed by our doctor to help us manage pain due to something like an injury. If we take this medication only for a short period, and follow the exact instructions of a competent physician, we will be at less risk of developing dependence problems.

The thing that makes oxycodone so dangerous is that it produces side-effects that are highly pleasurable such as euphoria, deep relaxation, and a sense of being free from all problems. Once we begin to enjoy these side-effects, there is a risk that we start taking the drug for the wrong reason. Instead of using oxycodone to manage our pain, we are no using it recreationally. There can be a great deal of denial surrounding this slide into substance abuse, and it is usually well into the addiction before the person is able to realise or admit there is a problem.

Danger of Oxycodone Addiction

Oxycodone can be an incredibly harmful drug if it is used in the wrong way. It is a respiratory depressant, and this means an overdose could easily kill. Once people become physically dependent on this substance, they will experience very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if they try to quit or reduce their dosage without medical supervision. Long-term oxycodone use damages the body and dependency means we become a ‘slave’ to the drug and addiction.

Symptoms of Oxycodone Addiction

• Lying or exaggerating to obtain more of the drug
• Doctor shopping – going to a new doctor in the hope of getting another prescription
• Using this medication for reasons other than for why it was originally prescribed
• Attempt to hide your drug use
• Becoming defensive when others question your drug use
• Performing less well in your life due to the effects of the drug
• Losing interest in family, jobs and hobbies you used to enjoy
• Neglecting social responsibilities

How to Deal with Oxycodone Addiction

Breaking free of an Oxycodone habit can be difficult unless you have sufficient support and access to the right resources. A medically supervised detox may be required to help you stay safe and as comfortable as possible during the withdrawal process. Choosing to enter an addiction treatment centre means you will not only be helped to break free of the drug, but to create a new healthy life where you no longer need the crutch of substance abuse.

Here at Twin Rivers we offer individualised care for clients looking to escape oxycodone and other prescription drug abuse. We provide a therapeutic environment in beautiful Plettenberg Bay, and by the time you leave you will have all the tools you need to enjoy an oxycodone-free future.