November 25, 2015

Our Approach To Addiction Recovery

The importance of individuality in recovery

Dare to be what you are, and learn to resign with a good grace all that you are not and believe in your own individuality.

– Henry-Frederic Amiel

Importance of individuality in recovery

Importance of individuality

Everyone who struggles with substance abuse, alcoholism or any other form of addiction, is a unique individual with an inimitable and complex history. There are as many paths to success in recovery as there are individuals. Individuality is a vital key to a successful treatment programme that, when rigorously followed, will warrant a whole and sustainable recovery.

We are all unique, even in the darkest of addiction

All addicts have a unique life story and upon entering recovery they begin reclaiming their story, their power and the parts of themselves that have been lost in active addiction. For many it is the beginning of a journey of finding ‘self’.

In a rehab setting the addict finds themselves with a group of people with whom they have communality – suffering from addiction. In this environment there is a sharing in the notion of fellowship, which plays a great role on the road to recovery. As much as it is important to feel one is not alone in dealing with the perils of addiction, it is of paramount importance to be recognized as an individual. To assume a shared or common laundry list of problems is to deny the individual, and the idiosyncrasies, that allow a person to be a one of a kind, complex and insightful being that is appreciated exactly for their uniqueness.

Embracing and maintaining your individuality

The team at Twin Rivers Rehab focuses on the individual’s needs and circumstances, using personalized therapeutic techniques and strategies for significant growth and necessary change, in order to break free from the destructive lifestyle associated with addiction. Individualised treatment plans are essential not only for the recovery of the addict, but also for the healing of family and other relationships. It is key in fighting the physical grips of addiction, and in addressing the possibility of dual diagnosis of behavioural disorders, or traumatic injuries.

Distinctive tools and healthy coping mechanisms are introduced to nurture the individual’s reestablishment into a society that may be unprepared in accepting them, or into a society that the addict may be ill equipped to cope in, making the possibility of a relapse a dangerous reality.

Twin Rivers Rehab prides itself on recognizing that every person who struggles with substance abuse is different, and by doing so they honour individuality and humanity. While certain key strategies are followed in the therapeutic process, each client’s plan is customized from the moment they enter the Twin Rivers rehab facility. Each client’s journey at Twin Rivers begins with an intake session, lead by one of the professional staff members, which assesses the client’s immediate needs. From there on a therapeutic strategy is decided on that is reviewed and adjusted as per the client’s further needs, growth and progress.

Each client’s behavioural patterns are looked at closely and patterns and cycles that could lead them back to addiction are pointed out. Practical advise, as well as the tools for making changes are given so that a sustainable recovery can be achieved. Moreover, a support structure is put in place for continuous care, even after leaving the Twin Rivers Rehab.

We understands the importance of looking at dual diagnoses and behavior during active addiction that may portray symptoms of an individual that struggles with a mental health disorder such as depression. The therapists on staff work closely together with the client to evaluate these behaviours, to ascertain whether a client could be diagnosed with a mental health disorder, or if a client’s behavior in active addiction mimicked that of a mental health disorder. It is an eye-opening experience to be able to recognize who one is, set apart from drugs, alcohol and other addictive behaviours.

Individuality is freedom lived

Taking the first step on the road to recovery is a bold one. Remember that you can take pride in what it is that you are rising above. The staff at Twin Rivers Rehab understands that the reason why you are experiencing a struggle is very deep and very profound and there is probably a lot of pain that goes along with it. Every single reason that you develop an addiction is completely valid. There is no such thing as an invalid reason to be struggling. Twin Rivers Rehab believes that addiction treatment based on a ‘cookie cutter’ approach is unlikely to be able to accurately diagnose and treat the underlying causes of addiction. Rather, it adapts itself to the client instead of forcing the client to work a treatment programme designed for the masses.

The approach of individuality that Twin Rivers takes, gives each client the best chance in taking the first steps, and all the steps that follow, with the greatest help and support available. Twin Rivers Rehab invests in each of its clients on a long-term basis, as it’s care lies at the hearts of each individual’s successful, complete and lasting recovery that leaves no room for relapse.

“Twin Rivers has afforded me the opportunity to make fundamental changes to my life. David and the team handled me as an individual client, not only focusing on the addiction aspects of my life, but also the migraines and anxiety of which I suffered from severely. My time at Twin Rivers left me with hope and courage, the ability to differentiate between my character defects and who I truly am. It challenged my way of thinking and acting, pointing out unhealthy cycles and making way for change. My journey continues now even after I have left Twin Rivers, knowing that not only the team stands behind me, but also my peers.”

Twin Rivers doors are open not only to local clients from South Africa but also international clients from Birmingham in the UK and Bristol in London, Dubai and United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other countries.