July 22, 2019

Marijuana Addiction

Twin Rivers Rehab and Cannabis

Cannabis (Marijuana) is an extremely serious addiction that is taken far too lightly around the world and has led smokers towards other more lethal drugs.Twin Rivers Rehabs approach is realistic in that there is no such thing as controlled occasional smoking and that complete abstinence is the only answer. What I have discovered over the years as a therapist is that cannabis as an addictive drug is not taken very seriously, underpinned by simplistic thinking that someone who takes cocaine or heroin is an addict but not cannabis smokers, how naive can you get! Like all addictions, the use of marijuana creates a preoccupation that automatically impacts the individuals ability to function effectively on a daily basis.

Marijuana-The Gateway Drug!

Marijuana (ganja-weed-cannabis-pot) is seriously underestimated regarding its status in the drug world. Marijuana refers to flowers and leaves of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa, which have been dried and shredded. This is either smoked using a pipe, rolled up as a cigarette (a joint) or smoked using water pipes known as bongs. Sometimes referred to as a ‘soft’ drug, many people are not aware of the damage this drug has caused to peoples minds and directly linked to psychotic episodes, mood swings, paranoia, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Mixed with alcohol some people become violent, agitated and unpredictable. Many of Twin Rivers clients report having experimented with cannabis which led them onto harder drugs such as cocaine and even heroin!

There are a vast number of people who are dependent on cannabis, but of course most deny this fact. Marijuana production has become an art form whereby growers are seemingly in some form of competition to see who can grow the ‘strongest’ cannabis. There are hybrids on the market created from cross pollination of two different types of cannabis in an attempt to grow a plant that has higher levels of THC which is the active ingredient that makes people ‘high’. There are even stories of people mixing cannabis with other drugs such as cocaine and heroin in order to reach the desired high. teenagers today believe that smoking cannabis is trendy and tough and yet they are blissfully unaware that this may lead them down a very dark road. As a therapist I once met an eighteen year old client who had a psychotic episode after smoking ‘skunk’ which was so damaging that he may have to be on medication for the rest of his life. Try and explain this to your average teenager who believes himself to be ‘indestructible’ and his first thought will be, “this will not happen to me!

Marijuana addiction Effects

Some of the more immediate effects of smoking marijuana include a dry mouth, red eyes, increased heart rate, lowered concentration, weakened motor skills and the ‘munchies’ (insatiable hunger). At times fantasies, anxiety, panic attacks and paranoia have been reported by cannabis smokers. Psychosis, an episode in which someone becomes detached from reality is not uncommon and can be a scary experience for all concerned. Its a myth that a person needs to be smoking cannabis for years before possibly becoming psychotic, There are known cases of brief users who have had psychotic episodes and have to take medication to manage the psychosis. Once a person has a psychotic episode then they are predisposed to having the same experience regardless of which drug they use!