The Many Faces of Depression

The Many Faces of Depression

Depression and Suicide

Over the years I have heard quite a number of stories related to depression and suicide. There is the stereotypical scenario whereby an obviously depressed person, based on their demeanor battles with their malady and ends up taking their own life.

Signs and symptoms not always obvious

The stories I am referring to though are those related to friends, acquaintances, and clients who have reported complete shock and surprise at someone they knew had taken their own life. There were no obvious signs, no emotional outpouring, no addiction issues, hadn’t even left their job! Absolutely no indication that this person was going to commit suicide.
People who have suicidal thoughts may be depressed but could also be suffering from an anxiety disorder (medication-induced anxiety, social anxiety, generalised anxiety), bipolar mood disorder, schizophrenia, dissociative disorder or PTSD for example.

Undetected past!

Also, any number of unresolved abuse issues can go completely undetected for years whilst the sufferer firmly believes that adverse life events are unimportant (May not even recognise an event as adverse!), too shameful to disclose or may have seen an ineffective therapist and trauma became compounded and not resolved in any way!
Mental Health is a minefield to put it mildly and I have discovered that by genuinely embracing my own relationship with my own mental health and utilizing clinical team support continuously does reduce expectations regarding client outcomes, improves my understanding of my own limitations thus improving my ability to assist other sufferers in an authentic and supportive manner.

David Briskham-TRR 2022