Why Twin Rivers Rehab Stands Out From Other Rehabs!

Twin Rivers Rehab

Why Twin Rivers Rehab Stands Out From Other Rehabs!

T– Therapeutic Community living in a six-bedroom house with 24 Hr staffing, pool, garden, table-tennis, and a 10-minute walk away from warm, award-winning beaches. The clients usually take Twin Rivers two dogs, Lola & Tammy with them to the beach on morning walks.

W– Willingness to change comes with practice and time and is not a prerequisite in order to be admitted to Twin Rivers Rehab.

Come angry-leave aware!

I- Individualised treatment plans. All our clients have addiction and mental health issues but what they need going forward varies enormously.

N- Nurturing in that Twin Rivers cares, protects and encourages clients whilst they explore the various avenues of self-development and growth.

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R- Registered with the South African Department of Social Development under the Prevention of Treatment for Substance Abuse Act 2008.

Registration No: 15/10/3/4/2C-02/2013

I- Innovative, spontaneous and creative regarding the client’s weekly schedule. All clients critically evaluate their residential treatment via an Exit-Questionnaire. Client feedback, we feel is important in ensuring that our weekly schedule continues to evolve in meeting the needs of the modern-day client.

V- Value for money. Client service is ‘key’ and quality of care is not compromised despite Twin Rivers highly competitive pricing.

E- Experienced multi-disciplinary team that works hard at communicating effectively in addressing the daily needs of clients with their addiction and mental health disorders.

R- Realistic in assisting clients to change dysfunctional attitudes and behaviours via our ‘warning system’ which is not punitive and affords the client an opportunity to explore, recognise and ‘own’ their dysfunctional behaviour.

S- Spirituality is at the core of The Twin Rivers Experience. Our non-judgmental, authentic approach and concern for our client’s welfare far outweighs material or physical preoccupation.