August 22, 2019

Janus Solutions in London

Janus Solutions London

Janus Solutions-The Resonance Factor

Twin Rivers Rehab has developed a working relationship with Janus Solutions that is underpinned by the core belief that all recovering clients will benefit from a ‘seamless’ professional recovery experience. Janus Solutions services will include initial client assessments to ensure client suitability for residential care at Twin Rivers and provide an aftercare programme on the clients return to London. Kenneth Robinson and David Briskham met earlier this year in London and their partnership grew from the realisation that they both are passionate about client service and care.

Janus Solutions operates two-day programmes located in Brixton – London, and Wimpole Street – Central London. Ours is a unique service that has developed a unique therapeutic approach called: The Resonance Factor.

The two Directors (Jennifer Jordan and Kenneth Robinson) are deeply passionate about developing and delivering services that strive to tap into the inner resources of the client to achieve their goals.

Janus believes there is no such thing as easy work when it comes to changing or redefining behaviours that allow the client to remain unhealthily connected to behaviours that are ultimately damaging. Drug and alcohol abuse represents one such behaviour.

Our approach is designed to support the clients tackle the many components that reflect an individuals personality. As well as being therapists the Directors are trainers of professionals ranging from Doctors to Generic substance abuse professionals. We believe in delivering in a committed and authentic way.