May 6, 2020

Introduction to Twin Rivers

An introduction to Twin Rivers Rehab

Twin Rivers Rehab has become a premier choice for addiction and mental health rehabilitation for clients from all over the world. Twin Rivers is an International residential treatment centre that also caters for local South African clients. A mixed international group works very well therapeutically, creating a cohesion that assists in fighting the illness of addiction on a daily basis.

Twin Rivers opened in 2011 and remains family-owned and independent. David Briskham (sole owner) has worked in the field of addiction for almost 25 years and has lived in Plettenberg Bay for 19 years. Twin Rivers admits a maximum of 12 clients at a time which ensures they all receive individual attention which would be difficult to accomplish with a larger group.

Twin Rivers is like no other rehab as we have pets on-site, two dogs and two free-roaming parrots who are all rescue animals. Twin Rivers is not a clinical setting and located close to the beach which all clients walk to four times a week. We go to the local gym four times a week as exercise is important, especially for addicts and people suffering from mental health disorders such as depression. Twin Rivers works closely with clients diagnosed with a Dual Diagnosis, assisting clients with their addiction and mental health disorders simultaneously.

The therapeutic team is a mixture of ‘recovering’ and ‘non-recovering’ staff as strongly advised within the Minnesota Model for residential treatment. The team works closely together underpinned by regular meetings to discuss the clients and their psychological needs. The team is supported by two local doctors and a Clinical Social Worker as well as other consultants who facilitate drama workshops and art therapy. The exercise sessions at the local gym are popular and an integral part of our recovery programme. On Saturdays, the gym session is facilitated by doing a circuit training session or spinning class.

The clients attend two outside fellowship meetings a week, one AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and one NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and we have ‘in-house’ meetings too so as clients get used to regular meetings attendance. Going to fellowship meetings is probably the most important element of a clients aftercare alongside seeing a therapist on a regular basis.

Whether a client has been in rehab before or not, we encourage clients to commit to our three-month programme. This time period allows for full assessments and an opportunity to start addressing the clients past. Whilst at Twin Rivers, all clients can gain insight into their destructive patterns of thinking and behaviour and learn more positive approaches to dealing with daily recovery/life.

Below are some of the partnerships Twin Rivers has developed over the years and we are proud of these important working relationships as they promote a continuum of care that is crucial for all clients.


Twin Rivers Partnerships:

United Kingdom:


🇬🇧 Tom +44(0)747 103 6484 – BRISTOL
🇬🇧 Liam +44(0)747 108 1994 – LIVERPOOL
🇬🇧 Vincent +44(0)758 656 1958 – BIRMINGHAM
All are available on Whatsapp✅

Janus Solutions – London

  • Kenneth Robinson – Janus Solutions +44(0) 7884 438 953 

United Arab Emirates:

Clinic for Health & Medical Care – Dubai Healthcare City

  • Dr. Gregor Kowal – Psychiatrist/Psychotherapist – +971 4 45 74 240
  • Dr. Annette Schonder – Psychologist/Sociologist – +971 4 45 74 240 

American Centre of Psychiatry & Neurology – Abu Dhabi

  • Charmaine Traylor – Psychologist – +971 56 446 0390