February 15, 2021

Introduction to Twin Rivers

Welcome to Twin Rivers Rehab

Twin Rivers Rehab has become the premier choice when it comes to an effective therapeutic Dual Diagnosis Programme that genuinely assists clients with both addiction and mental health disorders simultaneously in a safe and supportive environment.

Twin Rivers is primarily an International residential treatment centre that also caters for local South African clients. A mixed and diverse international group works very well therapeutically, creating a cohesion that assists in challenging addiction and mental health issues on a daily basis.


Twin Rivers History

Twin Rivers opened in 2011 and is a fully licensed-independent residential treatment centre that offers affordable treatment for those suffering with addiction and mental health problems. David Briskham, Twin Rivers Director has worked in the field of addiction and mental health for over 25 years and has lived in Plettenberg Bay-South Africa for many years. Twin Rivers admits a maximum of 12 clients at any one time which ensures that individual need are successfully recognised and addressed

Twin Rivers is like no other rehab as we have pets on-site, two dogs and two free-roaming parrots who are all rescue animals and also in recovery! Twin Rivers is not a clinical-hospital setting but rather a warm homely experience located close to award winning beaches. We go to the local gym regularly as exercise is extremely important, especially for addicts and people suffering from mental health disorders such as depression. https://plettgym.co.za/

The therapeutic team is a mixture of ‘recovering’ and ‘non-recovering’ professionals who work closely together in affectively addressing all clients medical and psychological needs. The team includes two local doctors-psychiatrist-clinical social worker-registered nurses-addiction counsellors-step work counsellor as well as other consultants who facilitate drama workshops and art therapy.

Pandemic Influence

The clients used to attend two outside fellowship meetings a week, one AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and one NA (Narcotics Anonymous) but due to the pandemic fellowship meetings are held on-site or via zoom. The meetings may reopen during 2021 but it remains unclear if these will be safe places for clients until the pandemic is under control.

As the desperate need for professional treatment
The ability for clients to be able to afford residential treatment
Millions of people travel to South Africa
for medical and psychological treatment every year

not just because of the beautiful scenery and great weather
because the savings are just impossible to ignore

Treatment Commitment

Whether a client has been in rehab before or not, we encourage clients to commit to our three-month programme. This time period allows for full bio-psycho-social assessments and an opportunity to start addressing the clients psychological issues which may span over many years and may include unresolved trauma related events. Whilst at Twin Rivers, all clients can gain insight into their destructive patterns of thinking-feeling and behaving and learn how to ‘manage’ their addiction and mental health problems in a more productive way 😊


🇿🇦 David Briskham +27(0)828 633 159-Clinical Director
🇿🇦 Richard Saunders +27(0)722 789 193-Head of Treatment

🇬🇧 Tom +44(0)747 103 6484 – Consultant UK
🇬🇧 Vincent +44(0)758 656 1958 – Consultant UK

All numbers are Whatsapp friendly