August 20, 2019

Introduction to Twin Rivers

An introduction to Twin Rivers Rehab

Twin Rivers Rehab is based in a quiet suburb in the picturesque town of Plettenberg Bay. Here successful recovery unfolds in the safe, professional environment of the licensed treatment centre, founded by David and Caroline Briskham in March 2011.

With over 24 years of continuous recovery from alcohol, drugs, gambling and co-dependency, David is living proof of the triumphs of sustainable recovery that Twin Rivers Rehab strives to offer to all who enters their doors.

Through the astonishing work done here, life free from the perils of addiction has been introduced to local South Africans, Africans, British, European, Middle Eastern, American and Asian clients.

David trained at Broadway Lodge in Western-super-Mare, UK, the longest operating addictions treatment centre in Europe. Working alongside him on staff are trained addiction counsellors, a full time registered nurse, as well as a professional psychologist or social worker, trained in addiction, mental health and crucially, dual-diagnosis disorders. Twin Rivers employs the services of a night nurse, so that there are always equipped personnel on staff. Wholesome food is served at regular meal times from a menu that has been endorsed by a dietitian. Clients are encouraged to do regular exercise (four gym sessions a week), introducing a healthy routine into their lives.

A typical day at Twin Rivers Rehab begins with a nourishing breakfast and the working days are split into various activities including:

  • Individual and group therapy sessions therapy
  • 12-Step work
  • Individualised assignments
  • Drama & Art Therapy
  • Sport
  • Gym training
  • Leisure time on the beach
  • AA and NA meetings in the evenings
  • Therapuetic DVDs
  • Outings fortnightly
  • Braai’s on Saturday

Everything Twin Rivers puts in place is there to provide the recovering addict or alcoholic with significant support. Twin Rivers invites clients to think and behave differently and time to reflect on the lives they lived in active addiction, and a taste of life free from addiction.

Twin Rivers treats each client as an individual and caters to each person’s needs in order to provide them with the best help they can possibly receive. There is no set time to how long a client spends at Twin Rivers; this is a process that is reviewed based on the progress the client makes. Twin Rivers offers primary, extended primary and aftercare treatment phases.

International clients – United Kingdom

Twin Rivers Rehab has opened up a world of recovery by providing accessibility to the rehab through our International Partnerships.

The common theme that ‘ALL’ Twin Rivers Partnerships appreciate is the importance of ‘seamless recovery experiences’ from initial assessment right through to aftercare.

The consultants within these partnerships assist with inquiries from clients and their families and support them every step of the way, from the moment contact is made. Families are counselled and interventions can be arranged in order to help the addict ‘see’ how their behaviour is affecting the family. Families can choose to have a loved one safely chaperoned to and from Twin Rivers and medical detoxification is also discussed and put into action.

Twin Rivers Partnerships:

United Kingdom:

SP Bespoke Wellbeing Solutions – Leicester

  • Paul Kalaher +44(0) 7515 120 330 
  • Shig Hayre +44(0) 7809 565 487 

Janus Solutions – London

  • Kenneth Robinson – Janus Solutions +44(0) 7884 438 953 

Private Consultant – Liverpool

  • Liam Rogers +44(0) 7471 081 994

United Arab Emirates:

Clinic for Health & Medical Care – Dubai Healthcare City

  • Dr. Gregor Kowal – Psychiatrist/Psychotherapist – +971 4 45 74 240
  • Dr. Annette Schonder – Psychologist/Sociologist – +971 4 45 74 240 

American Centre of Psychiatry & Neurology – Abu Dhabi

  • Charmaine Traylor – Psychologist – +971 56 446 0390 


PRN Undisputed Recovery

  • Christoffer Nettelbladt – Recovery Coach +46 73 140 21 03 Stockholm