February 9, 2020

How we can Help you-TODAY!

How we can help you at Twin Rivers Rehab

How Can We Help You?

Twin Rivers Rehab provides residential primary care, out-patient counselling, interventions and aftercare programmes in South Africa and Internationally.

‘Twin Rivers Rehab is an Addiction Recovery and Personal Development Centre providing affordable, individualized, professional treatment packages to clients suffering from addiction and mental health disorders. Twin Rivers is a secure, secluded and warm setting far removed from unhealthy influences and totally dedicated to introducing clients to an improved way of thinking that will positively impact behaviour and lead towards a more constructive and meaningful life’

*Emergency admissions accepted- Hospital Acute Detoxification’s can be arranged immediately with Twin Rivers Doctors, Dr Olivier or Dr Botha. Both doctors have extensive experience in assisting with detoxification in a hospital environment and trained in psychiatry.

Detoxification- Let Twin Rivers Rehab Assist you Today

The detoxification process is extremely important and must be carried out professionally. Attempts to detox at home without proper assistance can be fatal. It is generally unknown that acute ‘alcohol’ detoxification must be carried out in a hospital and that suddenly stopping drinking is extremely dangerous causing seizures that can permanently damage or even kill the alcoholic! Benzodiazepine withdrawal can be painful and potentially fatal too if not professionally managed. Veteran heroin users are now detoxed with Subutex or Suboxone. Twin Rivers does not endorse the use of these drugs for ongoing recovery maintenance use, detoxification only.

Family Matters!

Twin Rivers Rehab involves the family in the client’s process as much as is realistically possible;

*Family Conferences; this is a meeting which is engineered in helping to start repairing damaged family dynamics such as ‘communication’. Family members will also be educated about the client’s recovery process.

*Questionnaires; with the client’s permission, we send family members questionnaires giving you an opportunity to share your experiences and concerns.

*Telephone Contact; All clients have access to their phones twice a week and can also ‘skype’ or ‘facetime’ with friends and family. The clients allocated focal counsellor will keep you informed of the client’s recovery process but no information shared by the client will be disclosed to anyone who is not a member of Twin Rivers Clinical Team.

Twin Rivers Rehab Programmes

Twin Rivers Rehab provides clients with a safe, secure environment that is far removed from consuming city mentality and negative influences such as ‘using’ friends or a problematic relationship. It is within this environment that treatment is provided by a team of Internationally qualified and passionate individuals who address severe problems such as substance abuse, alcohol dependency, dual diagnosis, trauma and a host of psychiatric conditions such as depression or anxiety.

All the recovery programmes are underpinned by the world-renowned 12 step recovery programme.

Twin Rivers Rehab Community Approach

Focus is on the individual’s needs within a community setting. A combination of treatments is offered including medical care, psychological processes such as art therapy, drama workshops, individual and group therapy, lectures and plenty of visits to the local gymnasium. Twin Rivers Rehab acknowledges that all clients are individuals and so our programmes are customised to afford personalised effective treatment plans. Even though all our clients have the common bond of addiction, it is clear that each addicts ‘psychological needs’ do vary widely going forward.