Twin Rivers Rehab-Best Option Heroin Addiction Treatment


Twin Rivers Rehab-Best Option Heroin Addiction Treatment

In an ideal world, once you had made the decision to break free of your heroin addiction, all the resources you needed to make this a reality would just fall into place. Unfortunately, this is not how it is for many of us. This is why clients from all around the world now feel the need to travel to South Africa to find an appropriate drug rehab center. Here at Twin Rivers Drug Rehab Center, we can provide the help they struggled to find at home.

Most Common Reasons for Going Abroad for Treatment for Addiction

It is becoming harder to find affordable heroin addiction treatment in most western countries. Changes in policy in places like the UK means that it has become much harder to qualify for state-funded rehab. The other option is the private facilities but the cost of this type of exclusive treatment can be astronomically high. This all means that there are now many of us who can’t afford to go to a treatment center for addiction, and don’t qualify for any type of state-funded program.

Another common reason for why people might travel to South Africa for addiction treatment is they are coming from a country where there is a real taboo against having this type of problem. There are still parts of the world where admitting to using heroin would destroy a person’s reputation and possibly lead to jail time or worse. The truth of addiction as a disease rather than a moral failing has yet to win universal acceptance despite all the overwhelming evidence to support it. There are also people who live in more open societies yet they still fear the damage that would be done to their career if they admitted to needing treatment for heroin addiction.

Clients also choose to come to us at Twin Rivers because they couldn’t find a suitable opiate treatment program at home that is affordable. In some countries there is too much emphasis on the pharmaceutical/psychiatric approach to addiction, and this does not serve everyone well. It can mean merely swapping one type of drug addiction for another (e.g. moving from heroin to long-term suboxone or methadone addiction). In order for you to fully benefit from the joys of recovery, you need a programme that does a lot more than change the nature of your substance abuse!

Do You Need to Go Abroad for Heroin Addiction Treatment?

Giving up heroin is likely to be the most important thing you ever do to improve your life. This is your opportunity for a better future, and it would be a terrible shame if you didn’t make the most of it due to lack of an appropriate treatment center.

It is also important to realise that there are lots of advantages to going abroad for heroin addiction treatment. It means you are going to be in a completely new environment, and this can make the process of change much easier – it also means you will be away from the usual stresses and triggers. Plettenberg Bay is a particularly beautiful part of the world where you can begin transforming your life, and this makes Twin Rivers a great choice as an addiction rehab.