July 23, 2019

Gambling Addiction

Global Denial Regarding the Scale of Gambling Addiction

Twin Rivers Rehab has a gambling addiction programme to assist problem and pathological gambling. We have this programme because inquiries regarding the need for assistance for gambling has increased and we also realise the high level of denial globally regarding the scale of gambling addiction worldwide. Despite the known casinos there is also a massive underground gambling epidemic that largely goes unnoticed! Gambling addiction impacts all social groups and what has become increasingly popular is gambling on cell phones.To open an account on a gambling app can take but a few seconds and there are no shortage of people who lose thousands daily on such gambling apps.

Gambling addiction is possibly one of the most unrecognised addictions in the world yet it ruins thousands of people’s lives on a daily basis. The term ‘pathological gambler’ is used for the gambler who sees nothing wrong in what they are doing and cannot acknowledge that the gambling is affecting family and friends. Gambling in its purist form is as toxic and as life threatening as any other addiction. Often, gambling is cross addicted with alcohol or cocaine abuse to help them concentrate, stay awake for many hours on end and deal with the awkwardness and emptiness that gambling addicts feel once they have lost all their money.

The Sadness That Comes With Gambling

I recently visited Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape where there is a casino at The Boardwalk. My wife and I thought we would look around to see what it was like and we were quite shocked to see young children sleeping by the front doors of the casino waiting for a parent to finish gambling! I have heard stories of grown men wearing ‘nappies’ so as they do not have to be distracted by having to go to the toilet! Many of the bigger casinos have ‘loan sharks’ hanging around the gaming tables so as they can lend desperate addicts money at high interest.

The reality is that there is only one winner when it comes to gambling!

Gambling Restrictions

In the UK if a person wants to gamble more than 10.000GBP then the ‘punter’ has to prove where the money came from as laundering ‘dirty money’ through betting shops is very common. If the betting shop does not follow this regulation then they will be fined. Twin Rivers has an ex-client who is suing a betting shop company for taking large sums from him for betting without questioning where the money came from! A lawyer is now involved supporting the ex-client and it looks like they will get some money back which is great.

Gambling Addiction Recovery Programme

Twin Rivers Rehab offers a programme that is centred on individual and group therapy which aims to help the client identify the attitudes and repeating patterns of gambling behaviour that have been in place. With support from their counsellor, Gamblers Anonymous literature and encouragement from their peers, the client is given the opportunity to gain insight into their problem and identify the changes required to support their recovery and improve the quality of their life.