Financial Assistance – Addiction & Mental Health Treatment

Financial Assistance-Addiction & Mental Health Treatment

Response To COVID-19 Twin Rivers Offers Clients-25% Discount on Treatment Fees.


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“It would be ironic to survive COVID-19, a life-threatening virus, to then die from the disease of addiction! We are all experiencing unique times that can create wonderful opportunities for those of us suffering from addiction and those who have lost their identity during the lockdown”

‘Twin Rivers Rehab is fully aware that given the sudden unprecedented stresses, fears, and grief brought down on us all in these unique times will pay a heavy toll financially, psychologically and spiritually on EVERYONE in varying degrees. Those among us in active addiction and those in early recovery may also be facing situations that they were understandably unprepared for’

Twin Rivers Offers Financial Assistance For Addicts & Their Families

The unfortunate reality that faces the world today is that both addiction and mental health issues are INCREASING whilst many peoples ability to pay for an investment such as residential treatment DECREASES!

One of Twin Rivers COVID-19 responses is to offer all clients a discount on our residential recovery programme fees for at least the next 3 months. Whilst this pandemic is in its infancy many people will have reached out for ‘external’ support systems that are not at all healthy! I refer to on-line gambling and gaming, pornography, excessive on-line shopping, alcohol, drugs, prescription pills, over and under-eating to name but a few.

Global Pandemic

In recent months, the entire world has been affected by the COVID-19 virus, a virus that has caused a global pandemic, forcing countries around the world to go into hard lockdown in order to flatten the curves of infections and fatalities. Many have succumbed to the disease. Hospitals and clinics are stretched to their absolute limits. Millions of people across the world have lost their dependable source of income, and restaurants and ‘non-essential businesses’ have been forced to temporarily close their doors for extended periods of time.

In some parts of the world, people have been allowed to leave their homes for a short period each day, in other countries, such as in South Africa, there has been a complete ban on people leaving their homes for something as simple as taking a walk or a jog. Millions of people all over South Africa are living in isolation from friends, family and co-workers.

Much of the world’s population are isolated and stressed during this pandemic, and for addicts – those in recovery and those in active addiction, this may be an incredibly challenging time. Many will unfortunately relapse, become depressed, disillusioned and turn to substances to alleviate negative feelings that automatically come with an extreme change in lifestyle.

The severity of addiction

In many ways addiction, just as COVID-19, had already left a great many addicts isolated, with overwhelming feelings of fear and uncertainty. And, just as each person is called upon to see COVID-19 for the life-threatening virus it is, so it is an opportunity to recognise addiction also a life-threatening disease, with just as many dire consequences as COVID-19.

In a personal capacity addiction has left many with consequences such as job-losses, the breaking of family ties and many have compromised their health beyond repair. Many have sadly lost their lives to this silent and invisible disease. Many addicts and people suffering from mental health will have had great difficulty in appreciating this pandemic or following the lockdown rules and regulations.

All around us, on a daily basis, since the outbreak of COVID-19 we see people taking extraordinary measures in order to remain safe and not become infected with the virus. It is a visual presentation that disallows one to ignore just how dangerous, unpredictable and strong this virus is. Every citizen of the world is being called upon to take extreme health precautions, from washing their hands, to wearing gloves and masks, to social distancing. The world is standing together to fight the virus, to flatten the curve and to keep the most vulnerable in societies safe. It is a virus which, no matter how hard you try cannot be ignored!

Just as with COVID-19, we cannot ignore the disease of addiction! Addiction is a disease with devastating and fatal consequences that touches the lives of millions of people across the globe. Thus the question, “Wouldn’t it be ironic to survive COVID-19, a life-threatening virus, to then die from the disease of addiction?”

For many lockdown has been a time to reflect on life, the importance of family and friends – social connections we all need in life. It is also important to reflect on the devastation addiction causes and to make the decision and take the necessary steps to live a life free from this self-seeking lifestyle of destruction.

Why Choose Twin Rivers?

Twin Rivers Rehab is widely recognized as a premier addiction treatment facility in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. David Briskam, Clinical Director, along with his professional staff members are ready to face the challenges of addiction and mental health with every client who enters this rehab. David is a recovering addict, alcoholic, gambler and co-dependent, qualified and able to help those stuck in the grips of addiction. The team at Twin Rivers is dedicated to each and every client, with a genuine focus on each individual client’s needs.

COVID-19 has made us aware of just how vulnerable we are and addiction has been a worldwide disease long before the outbreak of this virus. The time is now to make a life-changing decision and face the terrible disease of addiction.

Twin Rivers has helped a great many addicts find recovery; it has housed many addicts from across the globe and local South Africans.

This unique rehabilitation centre focuses on everything from the roots of addiction, to teaching clients how to live a healthier life emotionally, physically and psychologically. Clients suffering from a Dual Diagnosis are taught how to manage their addiction and mental health disorder simultaneously. Twin Rivers is based in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, nestled on the infamous Garden Route that affords everyone spectacular scenery and welcoming culture.

Twin Rivers partially focuses on the 12-steps, counselling clients individually and in group therapy. They also build physical exercise, healthy and regular meals, drama and art therapy into their weekly programme. Clients get to experience the beauty of Plettenberg Bay and its surroundings with regular walks to one of the most pristine beaches in South Africa.

Being distanced from poor influences allows clients to leave their current situation physically behind them and focus on recovery, without the worries and distractions of daily home life.

Twin Rivers has put everything in place for the addict to step into recovery, all that is needed from the addict is to take the first step and reach out to Twin Rivers for help. From there the staff will take care of everything including chaperones, transfers from the airport to the facility and all that you need to feel comfortable and safe. Once you take the first step and contact Twin Rivers then at that point recovery will automatically start to fall into place.

During your stay at Twin Rivers, all aspects of your life will be looked at, problems will be discussed and solutions will be found. Staff at Twin Rivers makes long-term commitments to each client even after they have left and engaging in aftercare, supporting each client’s successes and emotional bumps along the way.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has been a lesson for us all, we need to apply this lesson to all aspects of our lives, essentially that life and the people we call family and friends are indispensable and should be treated with respect. Also, our lives, which are worth so much than the daily torture that addiction and mental health creates!

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