December 4, 2019

UK Admission FAQ Answered


UK Admission FAQ Answered

Frequently Asked Questions-International Clients

Who do I speak to in the UK about admission to Twin Rivers?

      • Liam Rogers +44(0) 7471 081 994-Speak to an EX-CLIENT
      • Adrian Rooke +44(0)795 031 6218-Counsellor
      • David Briskham +27(0)828 633 159-South Africa HELPLINE
      • Counsellor at Twin Rivers Rehab +27(0)44 533 6821

Do I need to be referred by a psychiatrist or a doctor in order to be admitted to Twin Rivers?

  • Not at all! Contact a UK Consultant or Twin Rivers HELPLINE directly and a pre-admission form will be sent to you along with other important information about Twin Rivers weekly programme and residential treatment fees. You will be invited to complete and return the pre-admission form with any recent psychiatrist or psychologists reports (if available) affording the Twin Rivers Clinical Team an opportunity to discuss client suitability and their immediate medical and psychological needs. Any concerns regarding the pre-admission information will be discussed with the client, family member or their GP.

What’s different about Twin Rivers?

  • Twin Rivers is not a clinical treadmill! We fully appreciate that all clients are individuals and we are respectful of the fact that despite all of our clients are attending Twin Rivers for similar reasons, what each client needs going forward does vary widely.

How do I get to Twin Rivers?

  • Fly directly to Johannesburg or Cape Town, short domestic flight to Plettenberg Bay or George Airport. Transfer arranged from George Airport to Twin Rivers.

Will I need a visa?

  • On a European/UK passport, you will get a visitor’s visa stamped in your passport for 3 months on arrival to South Africa. Visa laws are changing all the time so please check if you require to apply for a visa in advance and if so may need a letter of introduction from Twin Rivers.


  • Acute detox is carried out at our local hospital under the supervision of Dr Olivier and then monitored by our psychiatric nurse on return to the rehab. Time in hospital 3-5 days.

What if I decide to stay longer at Twin Rivers?

  • A visa extension is easily obtained via Twin Rivers immigration consultants.

Do you have a qualified clinical Social Worker?

  • YES, Twin Rivers has a clinical Social Worker who specializes in unresolved trauma, assists in identifying patterns of thinking and behaviour that require therapy.

Is there a nurse on-site at the rehab?

  • Twin Rivers Psychiatric Nurse oversees the medical welfare of all our clients.

Individual/group therapy sessions?

  • Minimum of two sessions a week, one with our social worker, one with an addictions counsellor and usually another session with a ‘step work’ counsellor.

Phones, laptops and Access to phones?

  • You are welcome to bring your phone which you will have access to twice a week to contact family and friends. There is really no need to bring a laptop or I-pad. If you need to check e-mails, then we can arrange for you to use one of Twin Rivers computers.

Number of clients at Twin Rivers?

  • Maximum of 12 clients for men and women, often diverse group from various country’s.

How long is a typical stay?

  • Most International clients commit to a 3-month stay at Twin Rivers with some extending to 6 months.

Are we allowed to exercise at Twin Rivers?

  • All clients go to the local gymnasium and pool four a week. There is a half-size Olympic swimming pool at the gym.

Are there any outings to local places of interest?

Most clients experience the following:

  • Deep-Sea Fishing-Obviously weather dependent
  • Africanyon-Kloofing in The Crags
  • Walking with Elephants
  • We also go on river trips, hikes and have a braai (BBQ)

Is there an Aftercare Programme?

Twin Rivers has a lot of contacts with various therapists across Europe and we set up an aftercare plan in advance of the client completing their programme at Twin Rivers Rehab.