December 1, 2015

Family Conferences

Family conferences are an important part of any client’s’ recovery process. All clients and their families will have an opportunity to engage in a family conference during their stay at Twin Rivers Rehab. A family conference is a 3-tier process;

  • The family member/s have a meeting with the client’s focal counsellor. This meeting is to reassure family members about the process they are undertaking and make clear that the conference is a start of family healing and those expectations must be kept to a realistic level. The counsellor will also advise what questions could be asked and offer support to the family.
  • The client will join the conference and the counsellor will facilitate and reflect back how the family is communicating. Often families have become used to communicating in a certain way which is not productive and pointing this out can help the family to begin to improve their communication skills.
  • The counsellor leaves the family to talk amongst themselves with the client. This offers an opportunity for communication that some family members felt was not possible with the counsellor present.

Family conferences are an extremely beneficial part of a clients recovery process and family members are given an opportunity to gain some insight into recovery ethos and their family dynamics.