December 1, 2015

Extended Primary Phase

The Extended Primary Phase is an option for some clients who are not psychologically ready for the responsibilities of going home. This programme is also suited to clients who have attended primary treatment before and do not need or want a “repeat prescription” of that first treatment phase. Extended primary offers differing levels of responsibility that are more extensive as those that come with being in the primary phase. It is an intermediate phase that safeguards clients from feeling overwhelmed by what might feel like a big jump from primary to going back home. Extended primary would also be for clients who are stuck in their recovery process and require further primary-based treatment to explore primary-based issues that are always emerging during the earlier stages of recovery.

Extended Primary Phase Explained

Some clients rush treatment with high expectations and can be highly manipulative thinking its essential to get to the next phase of treatment as quickly as possible. Some clients are admitted to an inappropriate treatment facility such as a halfway house but are still overwhelmed with primary based psychological issues. Many clients are not emotionally capable of exploring certain personal issues during their original primary experience and sometimes need to revisit certain areas of their life in a structured and professional setting.

Recovery is a journey and NOT a destination!