Face Reality and Escape Alcohol Addiction

Face Reality and Escape Alcohol Addiction

Face Reality and Escape Alcohol Addiction

The process of addiction leads to distorted thinking. This happens because to be able to continue with this behaviour, you need to perceive reality in a way that makes what you are doing appear reasonable. This is why one of the important things you need to do during your time at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre is develop a new perspective on things.

The Importance of Perspective

we must look at the lens through which we see the world, as well as at the world we see, and that the lens itself shapes how we interpret the world.
Stephen R. Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

Have you ever noticed how people can react to the exact same event in completely different ways? One of the crucial lessons in life is that it isn’t what happens to us that is the most important thing but how we perceive what happens to us.

Imagine this scenario. Paul and Janis are made redundant from the same company. They both share similar skills and talents, and they have both been given the same redundancy payment. Paul takes the news that he is losing his job badly, and he interprets it as meaning he is a failure. He decides to drown his sorrows by using alcohol and drugs, and by the end of six months all of his redundancy money is spent. Janis reacts to the news that she has been fired as a sign from the universe that it is time for her to go it alone. She invests her redundancy money into a new business, and within six months she is making a profit.

How a New Perspective Can Help You Escape Alcohol Abuse

What we see depends mainly on what we look for.”
John Lubbock

The way you view life in sobriety is going to have a huge impact on the way you experience it. If you view being sober as a huge sacrifice, you are likely to end up treating recovery as similar to a prison sentence. Even if you manage to avoid relapse, you are still likely to see recovery as something to be endured – you have probably met people just like this, and it is often referred to as ‘dry drunk syndrome’.

If you perceive sobriety as a much better way of living, it is going to cause you to experience things in a far more positive way. It means that you will be motivated to get the most out of an alcohol treatment centre, and your commitment to recovery will be much stronger. Staying away from alcohol won’t be a sacrifice, so it won’t require as much effort.

One of the other important ways that perspective impacts your life in recovery has to do with gratitude. Happiness is not about accumulating new toys, or achieving new things – it is all about appreciating what you already have. This is why tools like a gratitude journal can be so effective because it makes it easier to stay focused on the positive and thus experience more happiness.