Escape Alcohol Abuse at Twin Rivers Rehab

Escape Alcohol Abuse at Twin Rivers Rehab

Escape Alcohol Abuse at Twin Rivers Rehab

How Alcohol Abuse Stole Your Dreams

What do you see when you imagine a future that doesn’t involve drinking alcohol? If you find it hard to imagine how your life without alcohol could ever be satisfying, you are witnessing the power of the illness of addiction.

The human brain is an extraordinary complex organ, and we are still a long way from fully understanding how it works. One theory for why alcohol abuse leads to addiction is that strong neural connections begin to develop in your brain linking drinking with reward – you basically come hardwired to engage in this repetitive and destructive behaviour. It means every time you want to feel good, or escape some unpleasantness or certain feelings your brain automatically suggests alcohol as the solution because this is what you have taught it to do.

It is believed that once neural connections are formed in your brain, they are there for the rest of your life. This is why even if you manage to stay sober for fifty years, you’ll never be safe to drink like a ‘gentleman’ again. One mouthful of alcohol could be enough to fire up those old connections in your brain. You can’t get rid of these old connections, but you can develop new ones that help you create healthier habits that can lead you to real happiness.

Alcohol abuse stole your dreams because there isn’t room for much else once drinking becomes the centre of your universe. You completely forget the stuff that used to make you happy, and you stop looking for new things that could make you happy as the ‘restructured’ brain is telling you it already knows what you need to be happy!

Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa – a Place Where You Rediscover Your Dreams

Fear can be a good short-term motivation for escaping alcohol abuse. You probably know the dangers of continuing with this behaviour, and you want to avoid this continuous suffering. The problem is this fear may recede once you have been sober for a few weeks or months, and you may forget why not drinking is so important. This is why it is much better to have a positive reason for staying sober, and what could be better than the opportunity to begin living your dreams.

Choosing rehabilitation centres in South Africa may save your life, but our real goal here at Twin Rivers is for you to create a life worth living. The treatment of addiction is the only the first step in a journey towards a purposeful existence where you may enjoy long periods of peace and serenity.

“We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness. We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it. We will comprehend the word serenity and we will know peace.”
Alcoholic Anonymous Big Book (page 83)

If you feel ready to escape alcohol abuse and begin rewiring your brain for a better life, we can help you begin this journey here at Twin Rivers Addiction Recovery and Self Development Centre. Our holistic programme has a proven record of success, and you will be given all the help you need to begin your transformation.